Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


38. Chapter 39

* 9 months later* 

Sierra pov: today was the day Sam was coming home from his tour, we have gotten better the past couple of months we haven't argued. Aria was getting big, she was already walking and she can say mama and dada. 

(the pic above is Aria)

I was in the kitchen with Aria when I heard the door open. I turned around to be faced with Sam.

Sierra: *gasps* baby *runs and jumps into Sam's arms*

Sam: hey baby *smiles and kisses Sierra* i missed you 

Sierra: i missed you too

Sam: how's Aria 

Sierra: why don't you find out * moves aside* 

Aria was sitting in her high chair looking at me and Sam

Sam: oh my gosh look how big she's got *shock*

Sierra: yea shes pretty big

Sam: hi princess *walks to Aria* 

Sierra: *walks over to Aria* you know she can talk 

Sam: shut up no she can't 

Sierra: babe yes she can watch...hey bug 

Aria: *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: who's that *points to Sam*

Aria: *smiles and points to Sam* Dada!!

Sam: *shock* she can say dada oh my gosh Aria *takes her out the high chair and kisses her head* 

Sierra: *giggles* she can do something else too

Sam: what 

Sierra: put her down

Sam puts Aria down and he watches her stand up and walk towards me

Sam: she can walk too

Sierra: yea 

Sam: babe you were right i missed so much the past 9 months 

Sierra: Sam its ok

Sam: no its not, i missed my daughter say her first word and i missed her take her first step

Sierra: babe relax you're here now thats all that matters 

Aria: *looks at Sam* Dada dada 

Sam: *smiles* whats up princess

Aria reaches her arms out for Sam. I pass her over to him.

Sierra: someone is a daddy's girl

Sam: *smiles* big time *kisses Aria and Sierra* i missed my girls

Sierra: and we missed you too

Finally my family was back together again. Hopefully for a while this time.


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