Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


35. Chapter 36

* Next morning * 

Sierra pov: i woke up to an empty bed, i heard the tv downstairs on so i got up and checked. i saw Sam sitting on the couch with Aria on her swing. 

Sierra: morning babe

Sam: hey baby

Sierra: whats up 

Sam: um i kinda need to talk to you

Sierra: about

Sam: the tour

Sierra: what about it 

Sam: i gotta go back

Sierra: What?! Sam you can't go

Sam: baby i have too, its my job

Sierra: what about me and Aria

Sam: you guys would be fine, you got my family here to help 

Sierra: Sam i need you here, Aria needs you here

Sam: Sierra this is my job, this is how i take care of you and me and this is how i am taking care of my daughter * gets frustrated

Sierra: Aria needs her father in her life, i may be used to you leaving every now and then but she's not.

Sam: *gets angry* I am in her life, i have to leave in order to take care of you guys, thats what a real husband and father does, he would do anything to make sure his family is good.

Sierra: i'm not arguing with you about this. you need to understand that you have a daughter who was just born two days ago and you are already leaving. 

Sam: i understand that but you need to understand that this is my job. If it wasn't for Diversity you wouldn't have all these nice things.

Sierra: i don't care about the nice things i care about our daughter 

Sam: so do i 

Sierra: obviously you don't if you're leaving

Sam: you're being so pathetic right now, i'm leaving *opens the front door and leaves*

After the whole heated argument I take Aria upstairs and feed her.

Sierra: you're father is so stupid i swear, all boys are you'll understand why when you're older.


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