Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


31. Chapter 32

* 2:00 am*

Sierra pov: I woke up at 2 am feeling pressure in my stomach and some cramps. 

Sierra: *groans in pain* Sam *shakes him*

Sam: yea 

Sierra: we gotta go to the hospital

Sam: what why whats wrong *gets up*

Sierra: Sam i'm in pain please 

Sam gets up and gets dressed. I get up and slip on some sweatpants and some shoes, i grab the baby's bag that i had packed a few weeks ago and Sam grabs our bags. We head off to the hosptial

When we arrive the nurse sets us up in the room and we call our families and friends. 

Once everyone arrives it was 6 am

Sierra: babe *tiredly* 

Sam: *looks at Sierra* yea 

Sierra: i'm hungry

Sam: i know you are sweetheart but you can't eat

Sierra: why 

Sam: because the nurses cut off you food supply they said you can only drink water and eat ice chips.

Sierra: what thats stupid *looks at Sam's mom* mama Craske

Jenny: yea honey

Sierra: i'm starving

Jenny: i know you can't eat though 

Sierra: you guys should've told me this before, like i would've ate more than half of Sam's sandwich. Like i see Mitch's fat ass freaking drinking juice and eating donuts 

Mitch: hey it's not my fault you can't eat

Sierra: i know but like Mitch it would've been nice of you to offer some juice.

Sam: *laughs* baby relax once Aria comes i'll buy you something to eat

Sierra: i want a cheeseburger 

Sam: *smiles* anything for you baby

Its now 8 am and Aria still hasn't come yet. Its been 6 hours of pain. Sam's mom, brother, dad, sister and Kim were here, the rest of the boys were in the waiting room coming in and out of the room. I tried to sleep but couldn't because of the pressure.

Sierra: Sam

Sam: yea baby

Sierra: *groans* i gotta push

Sam: what

Sierra: get the nurse

Sam gets the nurse and she comes in and checks me

Nurse: congrats Mrs. Craske it's time for your baby girl to come

She sets up everything so that when Aria comes she is set to go

Sierra: Sam i'm scared

Sam: baby i'm right here ok you don't have to be scared you're gonna do great *smiles*

Sierra: please don't leave 

Sam: i won't baby i promise *grabs Sierra's hand*

Nurse: its time to push Sierra on 3 ready..1...2.....3...PUSH!!

I push as hard as i can. 

*20 mins later* 

Baby cries

Sierra: oh my gosh *looks at crying baby on her chest*

Sam: baby you did it she's here *kiss`Sierra* 

The nurses take her and clean her up they measure and weigh her, then bring her back to me. 

Nurse: what her name *hands the baby to Sierra* 

Sierra: Aria Marie

Nurse: that's beautiful

the nurse leaves and its just me Sam and Aria.

Sam: look at her she's beautiful *smiles*

Sierra: she looks just like you

Sam: no way babe she's all you 

Sierra: you wanna hold her

Sam: *nods*

I pass Aria over to Sam and watch him hold and admire his daughter

Sam: hey princess *whispers to Aria* 

Sierra: are you happy babe 

Sam: i am very happy baby thank you *looks at Sierra*

Sierra: why are you thanking me

Sam: because you gave me the most amazing gift ever, you gave me Aria

Sierra: your welcome babe, but you know what would make me even more happy

Sam: whats that sweetheart

Sierra: you getting me the cheeseburger *smiles* 

Sam: *laughs and passes Aria back to Sierra* ok babe i'll go get you the cheeseburger 

Sierra: Love you 

Sam: i love you too *kisses Sierra* and you too princess *kisses Aria's forehead* i'll be back



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