Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


25. Chapter 26

* Mitch and Kim's house* 

We arrived in Mitch and Kim's house and now we were sitting in their kitchen talking.

Sam: alright guys Sierra and i have something to tell you 

Kim: what did you do Sam 

Sam: what *confused* i didn't do anything

Sierra: yes you did *smirks*

Sam: what did i do 

Sierra: *opens mouth to speak*

Sam: nothing ok then 

Sierra: *hits Sam* 

Sam: ok um owww

Mitch: what do you have to tell us

Sam: Sierra and I are having a baby 

Kim: what no way 

Sierra: yea we are 

Mitch: congrats guys *hugs us* 

Sierra: not only that but we want you guys to be the godparents

Kim: what of course

Sam and i decided to head home after talking with Mitch and Kim

Sierra: *lays in bed* 

Sam: *lays down next to her* i can't wait to see our baby

Sierra: i know, but babe we're gonna have to postpone our wedding

Sam: yea 

Sam and i were gonna have our wedding in May it was February now. I didn't want to be pregnant and walking down the aisle i wanna have our baby in the wedding as well.

Sam: what do you think it's gonna be *rubs Sierra's belly*

Sierra: a girl 

Sam: really 

Sierra: yea 

Sam: did you have a name picked out 

Sierra: yea Aria Marie 

Sam: i like that name

Sierra: so if its a girl that would be her name

Sam: yup now a boy, i like the name Anthony

Sierra: thats nice, how about Azari 

Sam: thats sounds nice Azari Anthony 

Sierra: how about adding Mitchell in it 

Sam: how did you know i wanted to name my first son after Mitch

Sierra: babe its me you're talking to, and plus you told me

Sam: *chuckles* Azari Mitchell 

Sierra: Azari Mitchell Craske for a boy 

Sam: Aria Marie Craske for a girl 

After we got our names we fell asleep. Tomorrow we would tell the boys.

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