Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


22. Chapter 23

* one month later* 

Sierra pov: I couldn't believe it the day has finally come when Sam was coming home, Kim and I were at the airport waiting for them. I had a surprise for Sam when he came home well actually two surprises, for our anniversary i had bought Sam a pool table with the FACE apparel logo on it, also a couple weeks ago i found out that i am 4 weeks pregnant yup thats right i'm pregnant. I haven't told Sam yet but i went in for a doctor's appointment and i got the ultrasound i am beyond excited and i couldn't wait to tell Sam.

???: Flight 297 from New Castle is now landing

Finally Sam was coming Kim and I stood up watching people unboard the plane when two familiar FACE apparel hats were seen. 

I saw Sam run up to me and hug me

Sam: BABY!!!!!!!!!

Sierra: haha hey honey *smiles*

Sam: i missed you *smiles*

Sierra: i missed you too *kisses Sam*

We got into the car and drove to our house. When we got there i made Sam cover his eyes.

Sierra: ok walk a little bit

Sam: babe where are you taking me

Sierra: haha just relax

Sam: can i open my eyes now

Sierra: yes

Sam uncovers his eyes and sees the pool table

Sam: *shocked* you got this for me

Sierra: yea for you and the boys to play on *smiles* do you like it?

Sam: babe i love it thank you *kisses Sierra*

Sierra: um wait there's one more surprise

Sam: oh ok 

i took Sam into the kitchen and he sat on top of the island facing me

Sierra: um i don't know how to tell you this *nervous*

Sam: babe what is it you're scaring me *scared*

Sierra: umm i'm pregnant

Sam: *shocked* what

Sierra: i'm pregnant

Sam: what how

Sierra: really

Sam: well i know how but oh my gosh babe * gets down and hugs Sierra*

Sierra: you're happy 

Sam: yes baby we're gonna be parents *smiles*

Sierra: haha yea

Sam: how far along are you

Sierra: i'll be 5 weeks tomorrow 

Sam: oh my gosh baby *hugs Sierra again*

Sierra: look babe i went to a doctors appointment and they gave me a copy of the ultrasound *hands him the picture*

Sam: *tears up* thats my baby *smiles*

Sierra: thats our baby 

I couldn't believe Sam was happy about the whole pregnancy thing. I can tell he's gonna be a great dad.


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