Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


20. Chapter 21

* Next Day*


Sierra pov: Today me and Sam going to lunch together with Kim and Mitch. We went to nandos and talked.


Kim: Sierra have you picked a wedding dress yet

Sierra: yup its in the house, speaking of that, when we go back you have to take it cause this one *points at Sam* can't see it 

Sam: why can't i see it *looks at Sierra*

Sierra: because you're supposed to wait till the wedding day to see me in it its more special that way

Sam: that's not fair 

Kim: *laughs* i'll take it Sierra

Mitch: what about me am i allowed to see it

Sierra: yea everyone can except Sam

Sam: what thats not right, Mitch is my best man 

Sierra: babe would it make you happy if Mitch doesn't see it

Sam: yea matter of fact lets make it interesting, Mitch if i'm not allowed to see Sierra's wedding dress, you're not allowed to see Kim's dress, until the day of the wedding

Mitch: *smirks* alright fine

They both shake hands on the bet.

Kim: that means Sierra that you're gonna have to take my dress

Sierra: yea, oh Sam your mom and dad are walking you down the aisle 

Sam: why 

Sierra: because its only fair that if my parents give me away to you, your parents give you away to me, and plus i asked them and they already agreed 

Sam: *chuckles* ok 

After we were done with lunch we went back to the hotel, i had to finish packing cause Kim and i were going back home. 

Sam: *wraps arms around Sierra* I don't want you to leave 

Sierra: i know babe but i'll see you when you come home

Sam: yea which is like 5 months 

Sierra: we made it four months already we can go 5 more

Sam: i don't know if i can 

Sierra: yes you can *smiles* 

Sam: I love you Nala 

Sierra: *giggles* I love you too Simba 

Sam and i always referred to each other as Nala and Simba from the Lion King, its our cute little nick names for each other.





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