Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


19. Chapter 20

*Next day*



Sierra pov: Kim and I were at the shops picking out some dresses to wear to my engagement party.


Sierra: hey Kim i wanted to talk to you about something *looks at Kim*

Kim: yea whats up 

Sierra: well i was thinking of taking everyone out camping when the boys come back off tour

Kim: yea we should do that it seems fun

Sierra: alright i'll figure out the date and everything


* 2 hours later* 

I was in the hotel getting ready, i found the perfect outfit, it was a cute white crop top and a blue skirt that was short in the front and long in the back. I took a shower and got dressed, i did my hair and makeup, and walked out the bathroom. I saw Sam dressed in a white dress shirt and black pants 

Sam: wow babe you look beautiful

Sierra: Aww thanks babe *blushes*

Sam puts his black blazer on and we walk out the hotel to the place we were having our party at. The boys of Diversity Ash, Jordan, Mitchell, Perri, Terry, Ike and Warren rented out a place for the party we were having dinner and just celebrate.

When we got there, all of our friends and family were there, we said our hellos to everyone and just celebrated with everyone. Finally it was time for the boys to do their speeches. First up was Ash.


Ash: hello everyone, I'm Ash i'm friends with the future bride and groom, i met Sam when he was very young, and we just clicked, later through the years i met the beautiful Sierra through my brother Jordan, Sierra was only 16 when i met her and to see her now 18 and getting married to one of my closet friends which i consider my brother is just amazing, I can't wait for the wedding guys i'm happy for the both of you *raises glass* 

Sam and I hug Ash and we sit back down, next up was Terry

Terry: hello, I'm Terry as of Ash I'm also friends with Sam and Sierra, Through the past 3 years I seen them grow as people and as a couple, they are just the perfect couple,everyday i look at them and all i see is pure happiness. Congrats to you both, i'm very happy for you guys. *raises glass*

we hug Terry, I was tearing up just hearing the boys talk about me and Sam they are really happy for us. We went through Perri, Ike and Warren, the last two were Jordan and the best man Mitchell.

Jordan: hello everyone I'm Jordan i'm close friends of the bride and groom, i'm actually the one who introduce them together, I witness their love grow the past 3 years and i couldn't be any happier for you guys, everyday when i see them together i see love, weirdness, and just happiness, i can't wait for your wedding but i'm more excited for the cake so get a good one. *raises glass*

Everyone laughs at Jordan's joke we hug and thank him last but not least was Mitch.

Mitch: hello everyone, I'm Mitchell i'm Sam's brother and the best man. i'm very happy to be standing here to talk about the lovely couple. Sam and i always been close and i have never seen him this happy with someone. To see them grow together and just love and support each other is amazing. I'm happy for both of you and i can't wait for you guys to get married.  *raises glass* 

Once Mitch finishes i'm shedding tears i get up and we do our secret hand shake and hug. Sam comes over and wraps us in a hug, seconds later we are wrapped in a group hug with the rest of the Diversity boys. 

We all sit down, then its mine and Sam's turn for our speeches. I'm up first

Sierra: hello everybody I want to thank you all for coming to our engagement party, i would like to thank the boys for setting all this up for us we really appreciate it. I'm extremely happy to be here tonight celebrating my happiness with all my closest friends, and family, and future family and the love of my life Sam, Sam when i met you three years ago i never thought we would end up together, i never thought we would get engaged or be getting married, but i'm happy that we did, when you told me that you will wait for me to be 18 to date, i was crushed, all that kept running through my head was he isn't gonna wait he's gonna fall for someone else. But the boys always told me that you never went out to clubs or parties, because you didn't want any girls to hit on you or you doing anything stupid, even though you do stupid stuff all the time. but i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. And i can't wait for all of you to experience it with us.

Everyone claps, Sam stands up and kisses me, I sit back down and Sam begins his speech.

Sam: welcome everyone thank you for coming, boys thank you for throwing this party for us and for your blessings and speeches. 3 years ago i met this beautiful girl Sierra, at Jordan's house warming party, I never thought i would fall for you as hard as i did but i'm happy i did. Sierra when you came to the studio for the first time i was so shy, i felt like a little boy in school again, then i took you upstairs and we had our first kiss, at that moment i knew i was in love with you, I waited till you turned 18 and when you did i jumped at the moment in asking you out, i was scared you would say no but when you said yes it was the the first happiness i got the second was you saying yes to my proposal. Baby i'm so happy to be getting married to you, every time i look at you i fall deeper in love with you by the second. I can't wait to get married. I love you forever and always. 

Sam leans down and hugs me and kisses my cheek.

Jordan: everyone raise your glass and lets make a toast to the future Mr and Mrs. Craske 

Everyone cheers and clinks their glass

Sierra: *looks at Sam* Happy anniversary

Sam: Happy anniversary princess 

We kiss one more time. I can't wait for our wedding. 




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