Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


18. Chapter 19

*Next Morning*

Sierra pov:

I woke up to see Sam asleep next to me. I got up and realized that our hotel room was a mess, Sam had his suitcase open and clothes everywhere, I cleaned up a bit and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and got dressed. I came back out and woke Sam up.

Sierra: Sam *shakes him*


Sierra: Sam get up *shakes him again*

Sam: mmm stop *turns over*

Sierra: Samuel Charles Craske * jumps on him*

Sam: * groans* ughh Sierra come on 

Sierra: get up 

Sam: why today is my day off please i want to sleep

Sierra: but i haven't seen you in 4 months i want to spend time with you and you just want to sleep 

Sam: babe please i'm tired 

Sierra: you know what forget it *gets off of Sam* 

I grabbed my phone and started walking out

Sam: where are you going *sits up*

Sierra: go back to sleep its not like you care anyways *leaves* 

I get into the elevator and go down to the lobby, i text Kim and tell her to come down, 5 mins later i see her come out the elevator

Kim: hey babes whats up 

Sierra: me and Sam got into a fight 

Kim: what..what happened *sits next to Sierra*

Sierra: i woke him up cause i wanted to spend time with him and he just wants to sleep

Kim: what.. thats not right he should want to spend time with you like your anniversary is tomorrow

Sierra: i know, like i haven't seen him in 4 months and when i come to surprise you for our 3 year anniversary you just wanna sleep. *angrily* 

Kim: thats wrong Sierra you should go talk to him, i know if that was Mitch i would be angry to

Sierra: yea you're right 

After talking to Kim for a bit i go back up to the room and notice Sam isn't in here , i heard the shower in the bathroom on. 

i take a sit on the couch and open my laptop, and work on some things for the clothing line when i hear the bathroom door open, i know its Sam but i'm to mad to look at him

Sam: babe 

i didn't answer 

Sam walks over to me and sits on the table in front of me and takes the laptop and moves it to the side

Sam: baby i'm sorry for snapping at you earlier

i cross my arms over my chest and turn my head 

Sam: babe talk to me *grabs Sierra's hands*

Sierra: i just wanted to spend time with you, i haven't seen you in 4 months and all you wanna do is sleep

Sam: baby listen to me, i know you want to spend time with me and i want to spend time with you as well, but you gotta understand that i've been working extremely hard these past four months with rehearsals, shows, interviews, meet and greets. I'm tired, i'm sorry if i want to spend one of my days off sleeping or at least taking a couple of hours to sleep.

Sierra: Sam i do understand that you're tired with all this, i know you want to sleep, but you also gotta understand that you have a fiance who wants to spend at least 10 mins with you. With you working and traveling around the world it gets hard for me, these past 4 months have been hard for me and seeing you now just makes me know that its ok. 

Sam: i know babe i'm sorry for snapping at you earlier, but tell you want how about today me and you have a lazy day, just us two we won't leave the room, we'll order food, watch movies and just spend time just us together, then tomorrow we celebrate our anniversary/engagement party with everyone *smirks*

Sierra: wait what engagment party

Sam: well the boys decided that it would be romantic if they threw us an engagement party the day of our anniversary, our friends and families are gonna be there. 

Sierra: aww babe *hugs Sam*

Sam: you up for it 

Sierra: yes *kisses Sam*

Sam: how about that lazy day *winks* 

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