Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


17. Chapter 18


Sierra pov: I was sitting in Sam's hotel room on his bed while he took a shower, he was taking so long and i am hungry

*knock knock*

Sierra: coming 

I open the door and Mitch and Kim walk in 

Mitch: hey where's Sam 

Sierra: taking a two year shower

Kim and Mitch laugh

Sierra: Sammmm!!!!

Sam: whattt *yells from the bathroom* 

Sierra: hurry up i'm hungry and Mitch and Kim are here!!!

Sam: im coming out now!!!

i lay down on the bed to here the bathroom door open and Sam coming out with sweatpants and a white shirt 

Sierra: finally you been in there for ever

Sam lays down next to me

Sam: sorry for trying to be clean

Sierra: can you order im hungry 

Sam: ok what do you what to eat

Sierra: *chuckles* i don't know

Sam: babe really you always do this *smirks* 

Sierra: i want chinese 

Sam: ok the usual 

Sierra: yup 

Sam: ok give me a min *gets up and makes the phone call*

Kim: you guys are so cute 

Sierra: thanks we try 

Kim: Mitch is always so serious *winks at me jokingly*

Mitch: i'm right here you know 

Kim: aww babe you know i love you *kisses his cheek*

Mitch: come on we gotta go catch the movie *gets up with Kim* 

Kim: we'll see you later * leaves*

Sam comes back and lays next to me on the bed 

Sam: they left *looks at me*

Sierra: yea they are gonna watch a movie

Sam rolls over to his side so he was facing me i do the same and lift his shirt a little to see his tattoo he got on his side

Sierra: making sure its still there * rubs tattoo*

Sam: *chuckles* babe its not going anywhere its on my body forever 

Sierra: did you have to get it so big though

Sam: yes i like it 

Sierra: i do too babe but its huge

Sam pulls his shirt down and pulls me closer to him 

Sam: i love you 

Sierra: i love you too

Sam: remember the first day we met each other 

Sierra: yeah you couldn't stop staring at me

Sam: you was so beautiful how could i not, 

Sierra: then you came up to me and we started talking 

Sam: then Jordan invited you to the studio 

Sierra: thats where we had our first kiss 

Sam: mmhmm then two years later here we are, we had our first kiss that was the moment i knew i loved you and everyday i love you more and more than the first. 

Sierra: you should put that in your vows *smirks*

Sam: trust me babe when you hear my vows you will be in tears the entire wedding. 

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