Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


16. Chapter 16

A/N: i'm gonna skip to 4 months two days before Sam and Sierra's 3 year anniversary 

Sierra pov:

Me and Kim were in a car on our way to surprise the boys, they were in the studio rehearsing for Ant & Dec's show. We arrived at the studio to be met with Danielle (Ash and Jordan's mom )


Danielle: hey girls *hugs Kim and Sierra* the boys are just in that room *points to a door that leads to the room*

Sierra: i'm so excited they don't know anything do they

Danielle: no way i didn't say a word, you girls can go in when your ready you can see them through that little window right there *points to the window*

Kim and i go to the window and see the boys going through the routine

Kim: aww look Sam and Mitch are matching 

I look and see that Sam and Mitch were both wearing black pants with white shirts and black hats with black shoes they looked so cute

Sierra: should we go in *looks at Kim*

Kim: yea but what do we say 

Sierra: lets go in at the same time and say hey guys we're hungry whats for lunch

Kim nods

We walk in front of the door and walk in hand in hand

Kim & Sierra: Hey guys we're hungry whats for lunch *smiles*

Sam and Mitch's faces were priceless

they both run up and hugs us, i hear the rest of the boys cheering 

Sam: * whispers in Sierra's ear" babe i can't believe your here i missed you so much

Sierra: i missed you so much more * pulls back and looks at Sam* 


Sam laughs and kisses me

they boys cheer louder 

After our reunion the boys had to get back to their routine so me and Kim stand in front of the mirror and chat. 

Sam then comes up to me and pushes me against the mirror 

Sierra: *wraps her arms around his neck* you cut your hair 

Sam: yea it was getting a little to long, but what are you doing here i thought you had the clothing line to do 

Sierra: i did but we'll talk about that later, this is part of your surprise for our anniversary the rest is yet to come *smiles*

Sam: babe i told you not to get me anything

Sierra: but i wanted to *whines*

Sam: seriously whining *smirks*

Sierra: we're gonna be turning 3 years in two days 

Sam: i know that means us being closer to becoming Mr and Mrs. Craske *smiles*

Sierra: speaking of that the wedding planning is almost done

Sam: really 

Sierra: mmhmm

Sam: i can't wait *kisses Sierra*



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