Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


13. Chapter 13

* The next morning*


Sierra pov: 

I woke up to an empty cold space next to me, I got out of bed and threw on one of Sam's white shirts and a pair of black leggings and some black and white Jordans. I let my hair fall in waves and i put on one of Sam's black and white FACE apparel hats, and then i walked downstairs to the kitchen to make some coffee when my phone rang.

Sierra: hello

Sam: good morning gorgeous 

Sierra: morning

Sam: did you sleep ok love

Sierra: yea 

Sam: good what are you doing now

Sierra: im drinking coffee and waiting for Kim to come over 

Sam; oh ok you girls going out today

Sierra: yea we're going out to a meeting for the clothing line then we are going to lunch then gonna come back to the house to hang out

Sam: ok thats good

Sierra: what are you doing

Sam: I'm in the car with some of the boys we are on our way to check out the arena and to rehearse a bit on stage 

Sierra: oh ok don't forget to call me before you go on tonight

Sam: i won't babe 

Sierra: ok 

while i was talking on the phone with Sam i see Kim walk into the kitchen

Kim: morning *gets water*

Sierra: morning babes *smiles*

Sam: who was that babe

Sierra: oh that was Kim

Sam: oh tell her Mitch misses her

Sierra: Mitch misses you

Kim: are you talking to him

Sierra: no i'm talking to Sam

Kim: tell Sam to tell Mitch I said i miss him too

Sierra: she said to tell Mitch that she misses him too

Kim: hey babes we gotta start heading out to go meet these people

Sierra: ok hey Sammy I gotta go call me before you go on tonight

Sam: ok baby have fun and be good 

Sierra: ok you too love you

Sam: love you too princess

we hang up and me and Kim head out to the meeting. This is gonna be a long day.


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