Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


11. Chapter 11

* Next Week*


Sierra pov: 

Me and Sam were at the airport, I can't believe that he was already leaving. We were waiting for his flight to be called.

Sierra: *looks at Sam*  I can't believe your leaving already 

Sam: i know but i'll be back before you know it *looks at Sierra*

???: Flight 924 to Glasgo is now boarding

Me and Sam get up to say goodbye.

Sam: *puts arms around Sierra's waist, and places his forehead on hers* behave yourself while i'm gone i don't want any phone calls from Kim or mum saying you got into trouble 

Sierra: one time that happened *smiles* but i will, call me when you land and before every show and every night

Sam: *laughs* ok i will

Sierra: you better, don't flirt or look at any girls either *winks* 

Sam: i don't do that now what makes you think i'm gonna do it on tour

Sierra: just saying 

Sam: ok well i gotta go 

Sierra: ok, be safe 

Sam: i will *hugs Sierra* 

Sierra: *wraps arms around his neck and hugs back tighter* 

Sam pulls back and kisses me, I felt all the love he had in that one kiss. 

Sam: I love you * smiles*

Sierra: I love you too *tears up* 

I let go of him and watch him walk on the plane. Once he is out of my sight, I turn around to face Kim.

Kim: *looks at Sierra and gasps* aww babes come here

I run in to her arms and sob into her arms

Kim: he'll be back babe don't worry * rubs Sierra's back*

I knew she was right but i didn't believe it, i already knew that not seeing Sam for 9 months is gonna be hard. Very hard.



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