Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


105. Chapter 106

* 1 hour later* 

Sierra pov: i was in the kitchen, i was wondering what was taking Sam so long to pick up the kids, Mitch and Kim's house is only 10 mins away from our house. I was making the Zaiden his bottle when my phone started ringing

*phone convo* 

Sierra: hello 

Sam: babe

Sierra: Sam where are you, are you ok? 

Sam: babe relax i'm fine i'm still at Mitch's house

Sierra: whats wrong

Sam: its the kids they don't wanna leave

Sierra: what do you mean they don't wanna leave

Sam: i don't know they don't want to, Mitch said it was ok for them to stay another night , he doesn't mind

Sierra: *sighs* ok 

After talking to Sam on the phone i fed Zaiden and put him to bed. I went downstairs and waited for Sam after a couple mins he came with Azari and Skylar 

Sam: hey sweetheart *kisses Sierra* 

Sierra: hey i thought they wanted to stay 

Sam: um these two wanted to come home they missed you, but Aria wanted to stay 

Sierra: of course, hey guys

Skylar: mommy we missed you *hugs Sierra* 

Sierra: i missed you guys too *hugs Azari and Skylar* you guys wanna take a nap 

Azari: yea 

Sam went and put the twins down for a nap and came back to talk to me

Sam: babe i was thinking about taking a family vacation 

Sierra: where to

Sam: i wanna take the kids to Disney land 

Sierra: sounds good but we can't take Zaiden

Sam: i know i was gonna wait till he gets old enough to go. 

Sierra: yea but i think it would be good 

Sam: yea get away from everything 

After talking Sam and i went to bed.


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