Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


103. Chapter 104

* 2 hours later *

Sierra pov: its been two hours since i last checked on Sam, i went up with Zaiden in my arms since i just finished feeding him and walked into mine and Sam's room and saw him just waking up.

Sierra: hey babe 

Sam: hi *sits up* 

Sierra: you feeling better *sits on the edge of the bed* 

Sam: yea 

Sierra: *feels Sam's forehead* well you're still a little warm 

Sam: can i hold my son please 

Sierra: ok but don't kiss him you still might be sick *passes Zaiden to Sam*

Sam: *looks at Zaiden* hey bud *smiles* 

Zaiden: *smiles at Sam *

Sierra: if you get better before tomorrow, you can come with me to his doctor 

Sam: for what 

Sierra: for his 4 week check up 

Sam: will he get shots

Sierra: yea his first set 

Sam: *groans* 

Sam hates coming with me to take the kids to the doctors. Ever since Aria was born, when we took her to get her first shots, Sam cried when he heard Aria scream and cry in pain, he cried for Azari and Skylar. 

Sierra: babe i know you don't like seeing them get their shots but its good for them 

Sam: i know baby but i can't stand seeing them cry in pain, it breaks my heart as their father to see that

Sierra: i know it hurts me too. 

Sam: i don't like seeing them in pain and i can't do anything about it 

Sierra: i know babe but its only a few seconds and then its over 

Sam: *sighs* 

Sierra: want something to eat 

Sam: no i'm good 

Sierra: Sam you haven't eaten all day 

Sam: babe its been 2 hours, the day isn't finished *smirks* 

Sierra: *chuckles*

Sam: did he eat 

Sierra: yea 

Zaiden: *opens her  eyes* 

Sam: hi bud *smiles* 

Zaiden: *smiles*

Sam: oh you missed daddy is that it 

Sam and i hung out with Zaiden for a bit when i put him in his crib, i came back and gave Sam his medicine 

Sam: no babe i don't want to take that *moves away*

Sierra: Samuel Charles Craske stop acting like a kid and take it 

Sam: i hate when you use my full name..Sierra Celeste Feliciano Craske

Sierra: Sam you are 25 and you're acting like a 4 year old right now

Sam: so *smirks* 

Sierra: do i have to get rough with you

Sam: what you're gonna bring out your New York *smirks*

Sam and the boys came up with a thing where if i get rough or tough with someone i get all New York since i came from New York. 

Sierra: if i have to 

Sam: sorry sweetheart but i'm not taking that * tries to get up*

Sierra: i didn't want to do this 

Sam: do what 

Sierra: this *pushes Sam down and sits on him* open 

Sam: what the hell you scared the crap out of me *tries to get free* 

Sierra: oh my gosh Sam * opens Sam's mouth and gives him the medicine* spit it out and i'll divorce you 

Sam: *chokes* 

Sierra: swallow now 

Sam: *swallows the medicine * eww gross.

Sierra: you're such a kid 

Sam: you're such a mum 

Sierra: * looks at Sam* 

Sam: love you *smiles* 

Sierra: *rolls her eyes*

Sam: say it back 

Sierra: *starts to walk out* 


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