Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


102. Chapter 103

 *​ Next morning*

  Sierra pov: I woke up the next morning and fed Opie while the kids and Sam slept in. After a couple mins Sam came down

  Sam: morning babe

  Sierra: hey babe *looks at Sam* babe you ok

  Sam: no I don't feel good

  Sierra: *feels his forehead* you have a fever go back to bed

   Sam: ughh I want something to drink

    Sierra: i'll bring it to you now go back to bed

   After Sam went to bed, the kids came down.

   Sierra: hey guys listen daddy isn't feeling well so you guys are gonna stay with nonna and Lolo ok

    Skylar: mommy can't we stay with uncle Mitch

  Sierra: I don't know honey we'll have to see i'll call him ok *grabs her phone and calls Mitch*

   *phone convo*

    Mitch: hello

   Sierra: hey Mitch

   Mitch: oh hey Sierra whats up

    Sierra: I need to ask you for a favor

    Mitch: sure whats up

   Sierra: Sam is sick and I was wondering if you can take the kids for a bit, they want to go to your house

   Mitch: yea i'll take them no problem, Roc and Roe were wanting to see their cousins anyways

   Sierra: ok thank you so much Mitch

   Mitch: no problem, i'll be over in 15 mins

  Sierra: ok

   Mitch: ok bye

    *end of phone convo*

  Sierra: ok kids go pack your things uncle Mitch is gonna be here in 15 mins

  The kids left and went to pack

  * 15 mins*

  I was in the kitchen making Sam a cup of tea when Mitch walked in

    Mitch: yo yo

   Sierra: hey Mitch *does handshake with Mitch*

  Mitch: how's Sam

   Sierra: he has a fever of 104 so if it doesn't get better with in a couple of hours i'm gonna take him to the hospital *puts cough medicine in the tea*

    Mitch: why would you do that

   Sierra: you know how much of a kid Sam is, he doesn't like taking medicine

    Mitch: *chuckles* are the kids ready

    Sierra: yea i'll go get them and bring this to your brother 

  I walked upstairs and told the kids to say goodbye to Sam while I brought his tea

  Sam: *sits up* thanks babe *coughs*

   Sierra: mmhmm the kids are gonna stay at Mitch's for a bit while you get better, so they came to say goodbye

    Aria: *hugs Sam* bye daddy

    Sam: bye princess be good ok *kisses her head*

    Azari: *hugs Sam* bye daddy

    Sam: bye buddy you be good too *kisses his head*

    Skylar: *hugs Sam* bye daddy

    Sam: bye baby girl you also be good *kisses her head*

    After the kids said their goodbyes they got their  bags and left with Mitch 

  Sam: what about Zaiden

  Sierra: don't worry I got him, you don't get anywhere near him

 Sam: what I can't be around my son

   Sierra: no because you might get him sick

   Sam: *sighs* fine

   Sierra: ok well you get some rest i'm gonna go downstairs to check on him

    Sam: can I get a kiss

   Sierra: no *leaves*                                                                                                                   


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