Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


100. Chapter 101

*​Next day*

  Sierra pov: today while Sam was at the studio, Kim and I dropped the kids off with Ellie and I had Zaiden in the backseat in the car, today Kim and I were going to pick up mine and Sam's puppy.


  *In the car*

    Sierra: oh i'm so excited to get him *excitedly*

    Kim: did you guys pick a name for him

   Sierra: yea we're naming him Opie

    Kim: oh that's so cute

   * 10 mins later*

    After picking up Opie we drove to the studio so I can surprise Sam with Opie, Sam doesn't know that I went to pick up Opie, he thought it would be while before we would actually get him. When we arrived at the studio Kim handed Opie to me and I walked into the room where the boys were. 

 Sierra: hey guys *hides Opie behind her*

 Ash: hey Sierra whats up

 Sierra: nothing much, um is Sam here I have something to tell him

 Warren: you're not pregnant again are you *jokingly*

 Sierra: *chuckles* no  

 Ash: yea he's here...Sam!!

 Sam: yea *looks over the balcony and sees Sierra and runs downstairs* babe whats wrong you ok

 Sierra: yea babe i'm fine I just have a surprise for you *smiles*

 Sam: you're not pregnant again are you, because I used protection last time *scared*

 Sierra: what.. no what is it with people asking me if i'm pregnant *chuckles*

 Sam: *smiles* what is it

 Sierra: *shows Sam Opie* surprise

 Sam: *gasp* babe no you got him *grabs Opie* 

 Sierra: yea the lady called me and said we can take him home

  Sam: oh my gosh, hey Opie *pets Opie*

 Jordan: is this the puppy you guys were talking about

  Sam: yea this is Opie

  The boys hang around and play with Opie for a bit when I went to pick up the kids, I arrived back at the studio with the kids and Sam surprise them with Opie

 Sam: hey guys *smiles*

 Skylar: puppy *points to Opie*

 Sam: yea baby this is Opie

 Aria: is he ours daddy

 Sam: yea, but go say hi to your uncles first before you play with the puppy  

After the kids said their hi's and byes to the boys we went home. Sam and I set up Opie's bed and toys in our room and got the kids settled in.                                                                     


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