Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


99. Chapter 100

* next day* 

Sierra pov: i woke up the next morning and made breakfast for the kids and Sam. Today Sam and i were called in to do an interview together. We dropped the kids off at Mitch and Kim's house and were off to the interview. This would be our first interview as husband and wife, we never really did an interview together when we were dating. When we arrived we were taken backstage and were told to wait for the producer to come and get us.

Sam: *gets up and begins looking in the closets* 

Sierra: Sam sit down 

Sam: hold on babe i'm looking for something to steal. 

Sierra: Sam you always do this when we go out

Sam: so 

After 10 mins the producer came and took us to the side of the stage

Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome the first married couple of Diversity Sam and Sierra Craske

Sam and i walk out hand in hand and say hello to the interviewer and sat down

Interviewer: welcome how are you guys

Sam: we're good *smiles*

Interviewer: now can i say a congrats to you guys you just had another baby

Sierra: yes we did 

Interviewer: you guys actually have 3 other kids right

Sam: yes we have our oldest daughter who is 3 named Aria, then we have the older set of twins who are 2 named Skylar and Azari, and then we have the latest addition to our family Zaiden.

Interviewer: i seen pictures and they are the cutest 

Sam: thank you *smiles* 

Interviewer: you guys are married is that right 

Sierra: yup we've been married for a year now

Interviewer: now i heard about this, but Sierra is it true that when you first met Sam you didn't like him 

Sierra: yea its true, he knows too i told him 

Interviewer: what made you think that

Sierra: when i first met him i thought he was a player, by the way he looked. So i was like i don't want anything to do with him. Until one of the boys gave him my number and he would text me and i would ignore him, until his brother was came to me and was like he really likes you, give him a chance. So i did, he took me on our first date and thats when i knew that he was different from the rest and yea

Interviewer: what do you think of him now

Sierra: i love him, but i still don't like him 

Interviewer: Sam

Sam: feelings mutual *smirks* 

Interviewer: Sam what was your thoughts on Sierra when you first met her

Sam:  When i first me Sierra, i thought she was beautiful. I started having feelings for her like a week after we met, at first i was like ok yea she's good looking, what else?

Interviewer: do you guys fight or argue

Sierra: sometimes, i think every married couple does, even when your dating, like little bickers here and there

Interviewer: was there one fight that ever happened that went to far?

Sam: yea there was, but we talked about it and we both agreed that it went to far and it didn't have to go to the way it did

Interviewer: Now i see Sierra you got a new ring

Sierra: yea *smiles* 

Interviewer: what happened to the other one

Sierra: it was during that big fight that Sam and i had, i got so mad at him i flushed the ring down the toilet, and so when we resolved it, he went out and bought me a new one

Interviewer: do you guys still go out 

Sam: not really, like we don't really have the time to go out and just like have time for us, but we are planning on it.

Interviewer: well i wish you guys a life long of happiness for you and your family. Thank you so much for being here

Sam: thank you for having us

We got up and said goodbye and left out to lunch and then back home. 



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