The Book of Lifetimes

An old woman in the past, a confused teen in the present, a young child in the future and the book of lifetimes all through out. A timeless tale of hope and dreams


2. Present


   The auburn burnt leaves swish to the footpath in a flurry of wind. Her footsteps are light and only the crunch of leaves under her footfall allude to her presence. She wraps her coat closer to her, the wind teasing at her rich dark brown hair. A worn leather bag rests at her side, hiding an even more worn leather bound book. The wind whispers secrets to the ancient text within the book as it passes.

   It tells of the past, of fire and rock, of chaos reigning a dark and burning land. It speaks too of the present, the hustle and bustle as the land is covered by an ant-like community, forever toiling away. Lastly it whispers the mysteries of the future, of eternal peace, a world of endless expanses of water and a kingdom safely cradled by the clouds far above, nestled in the arms of the wind. The book listens and remembers as she carries it through the streets and to a curved stone bridge.

   Below is a river whose surface reflects the bridge and the dreary sky full of dark clouds. Tears gather on her eyelashes and wet her cheeks as she looks into her reflection. The eyes that look back belong not to herself, but to her mother. She knows that the book that she now holds in her hands could have helped her mother, could have saved her. But it sits mute and unrelenting to her sorrow as she runs her hands over the faint carvings in the cover.

   She whisks the tears away fiercely and throws the book, with all of its secrets that it refuses to share, in to her reflection and watches as the ripples contort her features. The folds in the water soon recede, leaving her looking at her own face, her mother’s gone, never to be seen again.

   She curses herself for being so young and foolish, for letting her hopes raise so high that it now seems impossible to recover from the loss. Yet she despises the part of her that is older, that new from the start how this would end.


The book won’t help her and now she’s lost all hope.


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