The Burn Book

If you have seen Mean Girls, you know exactly what this is. Send in a rant you want to be published in the book and see what other people think about what you have to say. It can be about fandoms, celeb drama, and more. If you comment a rant, please note that your user name will be shown. If you do not want it shown then please don't comment in the comments for the book. Post on my wall with the following.
"The Burn Book: I do not want the following to be added with my name. (your rant)."
If you do not care or want your rant to have your name, please put the following.
"The Burn Book: (your rant)." Hope you guys enjoy. I will have a few rants myself. ;-)


2. My own rant

Sometimes I get annoyed by all the stuff I have to do. People barely read my One Direction fanfictions. I guess Potterheads rule Movellas but I wish they didn't. I mean all these directioners try their hardest to makeit to the top but Potterheads shut us down. Can't they be a little nicer? I mean, I'm one of them myself but still. I seriously think they could cool off a little bit. ~crazy Draco lover :-)

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