Malik family

You and your husband have 4 kids but you want one more!!!!!


1. Intro

Hi my name is Autumn Malik.

I'm married to Zayn Malik and we have four kids.

Main characters

Autumn Malik

Zayn Malik

Lilly Malik-8 years old

Megan Malik-15 years old twin

Tyler Malik-15 years old twin

Abby Malik-10 years old

Louis Tomlinson-Uncle

Breonna Tomlinson-Aunt

Niall Horan-Uncle

Harry Styles-Uncle

Brooklyn Styles-Aunt

Liam Payne-Godfather

Charlie Lenehan-Uncle

Leondre Derives-Uncle

Logann Hess-Uncle

Holland Hess-Aunt

Calum Hood-Uncle

Lucy Hood-Aunt

Michael Clifford-Uncle

Ashley Clifford-Aunt

Ashton Irwin-Uncle

Dezerae Irwin-Aunt

Luke Hemmings-Uncle

Morgan Hemmings-Aunt

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