Radio Lover

Winter Smit, the one and only Aussie in the city of LA. She works for a large company, the one and only IHeart Radio. She's the main interviewer for celebrity's all over the globe, including Beyonce, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She has no family, only her mum who sits at home in Brisbane.

Luke Hemmings on the other hand, hes the lead singer of Five Seconds Of Summer who is currently touring the whole world. Saddly, he can't keep a relationship because hes so busy, traveling to Japan and to the UK in under a day. While his band is in the states, they have been asked to be interviewed at IHeart Radio's tower in the heart of LA.


9. 9



i cant really figure out how to put a picture of winter in so,


we got back to my place, playing with the dog like crazy.

"i have another reason why i bought you that dog." he trailed, oh god.

"what is it now?" i rolled my eyes.


"the band and i have released new music so, im going back on tour across the world." he said, i wasnt sad by his words, just shocked that he would leave so soon.


"well im happy for you of course, babe that awesome. how long?" i said,


"im leaving at 3 am today, coming back in a couple months." he said, i smiled.


"im gonna miss you," i said blankly, leaning on his strong figure as we sat on the hard wood.

"im gonna miss you too, he most actually." he said, clasping his hand around mine.


one month later...


Luke was gone, i was alone with this cute lil doggy. we would face time every night.the days went by so slow, just i would feed Rollie, take him out and go to work doing boring things. Everyone knew Luke and i were dating, even more so since a interviewer in Japan asked Luke his lock screen on TV and of course, one of my selfies were there. 

i walked into work with my coffee in my hand as i headed upstairs, Austin was waiting in my office.

"goodmorning." i greeted him harshly,

"goodmorning babe." he smirked, sitting in the chair next to me where Luke sat but was to lazy to move the chair back.


"can i help you?" i said, as he watched me log onto my computer.

"ah yes, please help me." he said, i rolled my eyes and saw i had gotten an email from Angie.

"i have business to do so if you would leave me to my work." i said,


"so, i heard your boyfriends on tour." he said, getting up from his chair. i opened the email but it took long to open. fucking wifi


"and?" i said, turning to him and crossing my arms.

"arent you lonely?" he said, 


"if you think that i will cheat with you then you are out of my bloody ballpark." i said, he smirked.

"i always loved accent, it turned me on." he said, whispering as he cupped my face.

"get the hell off of me, im calling security." i said, reaching for my desk phone. he then, pulled it out of the outlet and broke it over his knee.


"oops" he said, dropping it to his feet. i paniced, i took the chance and ran to the door. 


he stopped me, yanking on my ponytail and then pushing me against the wall. i screamed for help but he kept pushing the wall on me. i screamed and screamed, the door flew open.


"get away from her Austin." Jake growled, Austin let go of me and walked out the office.


"no," i stopped Jake from going after him.

"im fine, " i said, he nodded, closing the door behind him.


i saw the email has loaded to see that Jessica our teen blogger drama girl was sick and the show was today. great, first fucking Austin and now i have to gossip about fucking celebrities. i grabbed my coffee and headed to the tv floor.



"thank god your here." Angie greeted me, with her clipboard against her chest as we walked to the set. i stood againt the backround where tvs were set of celebrity faces.


"just read the tv here and please add some personal opinions about it." she said, as our tech crew hooded microphones on tshirt.


"Places!" the director yelled, i tuned my smile on as the tv infront of me was on with the words i was going to say. they counted me down and i spoke.


"hello everyone and welcome to the Teen News, im Winter Smit who if you have eyes Jessica is sick with the flu. but that okay, the first thing i want to talk about is....the Zerrie breakup." i said, i turned away from the tvs to see Perrie and Zayns little faces on the screens.


"i for one, loved One Direction and everything, and i remember seeing picture of them on dates and i thought it was the ultimate  relationship goal. i was heartbroken,  i thought it wasn't true until it was. Just to hurt us even more, Zayn posted a picture of him snuggling with another girl, yet Perrie at concerts would cry at sad songs of their own." i said, as they selected a video of her breaking down.


"now who the hell-" i stopped, as i turned behind me to see a picture of Luke and I picking up Rollie.


" who is this mystery girl, Luke Hemmings has been seen out with her. 24/7, and i have to say yeah its me. might as well spill the beans. Luke and i have been dating for over 3 months, we met while i was interviewing the band, and we knew. here i am. its official" i said, laughing at the end.  


time went by as i chatted away on Kylie Jenner and blah blah blah unti it was time. no one brought it up, but i knew since i was on LIVE TELEVISION it was a major step for me. i heard my phone ring,


"THAT WAS AWESOME BABE" Luke's voice screamed,

"hello there too," i laughed.

"thats the best way i have ever seen someone release news like that. im proud of you baby." he said, i smiled.


"hope people dont think im a bitch." i scoffed, he laughed.

"course not, so i was thinking why dont you go out tonight or something. you have been working non stop, maybe you need to like, have some fun." he said, i thought about.


"My sister knows places, ill see. i have to go, love you." i said,

"love you too baby." he said, i hung up the phone and dialed my sister. She is like the opposite of me, always getting drunk and going out every night.


"Yellow" she said,

"Destiny, what are you doing tonight?" i said, she scoffed.

"going downtown, why?" she spoke.

"why dont we go to a club, i need a drink." i said, she laughed.

"thought you would rather go to a metal concert or something. ill pick you up at 11." she said, and then i headed home to get ready.


getting distracted by Rollie, i lost time to dress up. i busted out my party dresses and picked the right one. 




i let my hair fall, parted it out into little waves that went to my boob level. doing a dark eyeshadow makeup, my eyes popped. i found the dress i recently bought for this right moment. it was all back skin tight, covering all of my curves. it reminded me of a dessert princess, only one leg was covered, as in covered the fabric stopped at my knee and the other leg went to my thigh. a solid gold waist band slid perfectly around my slim figure. i put on gold bangles and a boyfriend watch and slid on my black soft heels that had straps everywhere. i looked in the mirror and sent a picture to Luke. i heard my apartment buzz and knew it was my sister.


"ready to get fucked up." he voice said in my mic.


"of course." i said, i grabbed my black purse, and headed downstairs.






















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