Radio Lover

Winter Smit, the one and only Aussie in the city of LA. She works for a large company, the one and only IHeart Radio. She's the main interviewer for celebrity's all over the globe, including Beyonce, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She has no family, only her mum who sits at home in Brisbane.

Luke Hemmings on the other hand, hes the lead singer of Five Seconds Of Summer who is currently touring the whole world. Saddly, he can't keep a relationship because hes so busy, traveling to Japan and to the UK in under a day. While his band is in the states, they have been asked to be interviewed at IHeart Radio's tower in the heart of LA.


6. 6 (probably short)



I feel bad for exposing Winter to the crowd, so many bad things has been said online, mostly on twitter. the worst thing is that all of them are fans who should be supporting us, yeah i haven't had a girlfriend for a while and i expected that people would be surprised, but words like "slut" and "worthless" are being thrown. it was the next day, Winter was getting ready for work while i sat back on the couch.


"are you sure your going to be ok alone? i could bring you along..." she said, throwing her purse over her shoulder.

"im not a two year old, and who knows maybe i will surprise you." i winked, she smiled.

"im going to be in my office all day, just come on in.  love you," she said, closing the door before i can say anything else.


i sighed, now what. i suppose i can see what the lads are up to.




its been almost an hour, i was getting bored by the minute. of course there was no food, i texted Winter.


"whats happenin," i texted.

"stupid stuff, im watching cat videos." she said.

"meow meow, im super bored, can i come?" i said,

"sure, enter through the front and go to the top floor," 


i got up, throwing on my dark sunglasses and my black hooded jacket, i walked to my car. infront of the building it was empty, seeing my chance i ran in. a girl at the front desks eyes widened.


"Luke Hemmings?" she said, her mouth wide open,

"haha, yeah. uh im her for Winter Smit?" i asked, she smiled.

"top floor, g-go ahead." she stuttered, pointing to the elevator. i nodded and went on through.


getting to the top, she was waiting.


"hey hey," i laughed, as we walked together to the back.

"how was Angie? front desk lady?" she asked, i laughed.

"she was stunned," i laughed.


we got to a cool little box complex, and sat down. looking to her computer screen, "cat gets stuck in vase" was on.


"getting work done huh?" i asked, she laughed.

"im getting paid for this." she said, 


the door opened.


"Winter, post these onto the site," a guy walked in, giving her a sd card.

"oh, whos your friend?" he asked, looking to me.

"oh this in Luke, Luke this is Austin." she introduced us, shaking his hand he looked hurt.

"are you" he asked,

"yes, yes we are." i said proudly, she laughed.

"well, Winter get to in, nice meeting you Luke." he said, walking out.

"whats his problem?" i wondered,

"ever since i came here he had a crush on me." she blushed. jealousy sparked.



















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