Radio Lover

Winter Smit, the one and only Aussie in the city of LA. She works for a large company, the one and only IHeart Radio. She's the main interviewer for celebrity's all over the globe, including Beyonce, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She has no family, only her mum who sits at home in Brisbane.

Luke Hemmings on the other hand, hes the lead singer of Five Seconds Of Summer who is currently touring the whole world. Saddly, he can't keep a relationship because hes so busy, traveling to Japan and to the UK in under a day. While his band is in the states, they have been asked to be interviewed at IHeart Radio's tower in the heart of LA.





Our table was secluded, white fabric covered the glass table where white plates sat.

"Fancy," i whispered to myself, Luke laughed as he pulled a seat out for me. gladly sitting down, we starred into each of our eyes.


"this place is amazing," i said, looking at all of the pretty lights and leaves.

"nothing new for me," he smirked, 

"oh shut up Mr billionaire," i laughed.

"so, what are we going to do about......this." i said, he sighed.

"its up to you, we can keep this a secret or get it over with." he said, clamping his hands as a waiter brought our salad out. Thanking them, i took a piece of a crouton.


"well, with all of the flashes outside, im sure people are going to know." i trailed off, nothing has posted on twitter or anything. im sure everyone is bombarding outside those doors.

"lets not talk about this, hows work?" Luke said, smiling of course. 

"boring, there really isn't anything to do there, except edit pictures and work on the websites." i said,

"i could never edit pictures, our fans are already making videos of us dancing with cool like sparks and dance music." he chuckled.

"all you have to do is add text, fonts, and cut things out." i said,


We were sharing jokes, while we ate. the waiter dropped off the bill, i frowned.

"holy shit," i cursed, seeing the arrange of numbers.

"i got it," he said, pulling out his card.

"are you sure, we can split it." i suggested, pulling out my purse.

"no babe, i got it." he smiled, giving the card to the waiter, ringing it and letting us go.


"fuck" Luke said, glancing over to the cameras outside. i laughed.

"stay close," he hushed, wrapping an arm around me, pulling me close.


we walked out and shouts were heard, girls screamed while men yelled questions.


"Luke who is that?"


"New girlfriend?"


"Whats your name babe,"


"give us a smile"




putting my head down as we entered the car, he drove by and i looked up seeing a camera right in my face. flinching, i looked back over to aggravated Luke, trying not to hit any paps.


"cmon, lets go home." Luke smiled, pulling in. 

















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