Radio Lover

Winter Smit, the one and only Aussie in the city of LA. She works for a large company, the one and only IHeart Radio. She's the main interviewer for celebrity's all over the globe, including Beyonce, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She has no family, only her mum who sits at home in Brisbane.

Luke Hemmings on the other hand, hes the lead singer of Five Seconds Of Summer who is currently touring the whole world. Saddly, he can't keep a relationship because hes so busy, traveling to Japan and to the UK in under a day. While his band is in the states, they have been asked to be interviewed at IHeart Radio's tower in the heart of LA.


2. 2



Btw not sure is my picture of Winter came through im new to this site lmao.



Winter.....The way her cheeks would lite up as i starred into her orbs, on a comercial break, i leaned to Michael.


"Shes adorable," i said, he laughed.

"you got the hots for Winter eh?" he laughed, i smiled and nodded.

"how do i get her number? im not good at this," i trailed off, messing with my hair. looking over to Winter, she was scrolling on her phone, god even when shes not paying attention her eyes sparkle.

"i can help, the interview is almost over so next break, ill ask for her number for you." he spoke, i sorta feel weird about Mikey asking her out for me instead of me growing some balls and going up to her.

"i kinda want to do it, i just dont know what to say..." i said, biting my lip, in the corner of my eye she was gazing over to me, i smirked and continued with Michael.

"ok, just say like, hey u have to admit you are pretty cute, can i get your number, thats the smoothest way ok?" he said, i laughed at how he sounded like he was setting up a plan for like a bank robbery or something.


As we answered a couple more questions, we said goodbye to the camera and we were off, i looked to Mikey and he nodded. fixing my hair, i walked over to her direction as she tugged on her flannel.


"hey, Winter right?" i said, she looked up to me and nodded.


"i uh, you are really, like cute. can i get your number and we can like grab coffee or something?" i asked, giving a cheesy smile at the end. she laughed as she whipped out her phone.

"here we are," she laughed, i saw the number on the screen as i punched it into my phone.

"great, it was nice meeting you. hope we can get to know each other." i smiled, her cheeks were pushed up as they became red.



Luke just asked me for my number, holy shit. i was freaking out inside. its been almost a year since i was in a relationship, wait does this mean we are dating or something? Oh god questions filled my mind. After i waved to the band goodbye, i sank into my seat.

"Luke likesss youuu" Jake sang, 

"shut the hell up," i chuckled, 

since there were no more interviews, i was editing videos on my mac. my mind was troubled, should i text him first? i got a glance at his number on his phone but im not sure, i would feel like i was acting desperate. fuck fuck. i couldn't concentrate, so i took a walk around the building. Seeing all of my fellow co workers on their computers typing their heart out but me at ease for a while. heading outside to the sunny patio sort of. i sat on a bench. DING


"Hey Winter, its Luke :)" HE FUCKING TEXTED ME 


"oh hey Luke, whats happening?" CMON WINTER YOU COULD OF DONE A BETTER REPLY.


"nothing really, sitting in the boring bus lol, whats happening at your end?" UHUJUJU


"taking my break, sitting by an old stupid tree." nice one Winter.


"lmao why is it an old stupid tree?" even when he textes hes cute.


"because the leaves are all dead and there are bugs everywhere." god dammit now what are we going to talk about.


"poor tree, have any other interviews today?" 


"no, usually we would have a a couple more but today its boring, do you have any more interviews today?" CHEESYY


"nope, we are done for the day, except a concert but thats later on tonight." 


"i would never be able to go on stage with a million people watching, id probably have a seizure or something." ITS THE TRUTH


"hahaha, it is nerve racking, i always think that i might mess up a cord or something, so what kind of music do you listen to." this is going to be a long conversation.


"im more of a metal head, but i like some punk rock here and there, your music is wonderful tbh," 


"oh metal head huh? nice, hey i was wondering if you would want to see our concert tonight? i can get you back stage....;)" stupid winky face, i am off at 2,


"you sure? i can just buy a ticket or something." i didnt want to be rude and be like OH YAY FREE CONCERT PASSES.


"no no, you can watch from side stage, you in :D?" god those emojis get to me hella,


"of course! hey ttyl ok?i gotta get back to work." i said.


"see you tonight ;)" stupid fucking winky face.


 off the bench, i skipped back into the building.

"why are you so happy?" Jake asked, as i rolled in my chair.

"nothing," i smiled, as i started typing in fonts.\


Clocking out, i ran to my car and drove home. oh my god what am i going to wear? fuck fuck, running to my closet, i went through, finally deciding on something, i pulled out my pink and blue ty dye t shirt. pulling it over my head it flowed around my thighs. sliding on some black shorts, i put on black thigh high socks and my black low top vans. looking in my mirror, i liked what i saw, hoping Luke would too. brushing my hair, i laid it on both sides of my neck, evenly out. fixing my make up i had on at work, i clipped on my pentagram necklace, making the outfit perfect.


"hey, what time and where do i park to get over there? -W"

"Oh hey, well we are already here and gates open in about an hour, so just come to the back gate and say your with me. ill meet you there too. -L"

"sounds good, leaving now :) -W"


Grabbing my car keys, i drove to the venue, car after car was there. how the fuck am i going to get in there! looking around i rolled my window to a man in an orange suit.


"Hi, im Winter Smit? im with Luke." i said, the man laughed as he lifted his shades off his face.

"you cant just do that, im gonna have to page them," he said bitchly.

"go ahead then! for fucks sake." i slammed my back on the seat. he just rolled his eyes and spoke into the walkie talkie.

"We have a Winter Smit here, says shes with Luke?" he said, i crossed my arms as his expression changed.

"oh, i see. Winter, drive all the way down to the black gate and someone waiting for you, sorry for the trouble." he unhooked the rope to the dirt drive, i smiled to him and drove.


After turning, i parked in a lot with only 3 other cars in it. after closing my door i was met with Luke.


"hey Winter, whats up?" he said, i smiled.

"just got made fun of by a worker," i laughed,

"thats ok, as long as your here i am happy."















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