Radio Lover

Winter Smit, the one and only Aussie in the city of LA. She works for a large company, the one and only IHeart Radio. She's the main interviewer for celebrity's all over the globe, including Beyonce, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She has no family, only her mum who sits at home in Brisbane.

Luke Hemmings on the other hand, hes the lead singer of Five Seconds Of Summer who is currently touring the whole world. Saddly, he can't keep a relationship because hes so busy, traveling to Japan and to the UK in under a day. While his band is in the states, they have been asked to be interviewed at IHeart Radio's tower in the heart of LA.


14. 14 SMALL


"i saw when in Chicago you were almost eating up the bear section in the gift shop," he said.

"oh my god this is the most adorable thing in the world!" i yelled, clinging to the medium sized bear with all my might. he chuckled as i took the rose from its mouth.

"you really didn't have to get me a bear babe," i laughed, he wrapped his arms around me, as the bear moved between us.

"i want to give you the world," he whispered in my ear, his hand touching my hair as i felt his lips turn into a smirk as our lips met.


hours laterrr


Looking into the long mirror, i admired how the black shorts wrapped around my hips, along with the black lace crop top while a long white woolly cardigan hung. 


"who's party is this anyway?" i asked, clamping a necklace on.

"a friends, its gonna be fun." he smiled, as he continued to blow dry his hair, i smiled, feeling the hot air as my hair fell with curls.

I slid my nude heels on with little straps around the top. i slid my purse on as we headed to the home. i looked out the blacked out windows and saw that the houses got bigger as we went. Luke laughed and chatted with the rest of the band since they wanted to come too, Ashton brought his girlfriend who i was super jelly of, shes like skinny of the skinny. i heard music and loud beats headed down the street.

"babe why is it taking so long?" i said to Luke, he looked around.

"right there." he said, pointing to the lighted mansion, people wrapped around the backyard with the pool, as paparazzi tried to get into the gates.

"how the hell are we gonna get in there?" i said, seeing the bouncers at the black gates.

"pretty sure we are on the list, stay close." he wrapped his hand around mine, as we exited the car.


"Luke! You and Winter got back together? Does she know what happened with Arzaela?" a man asked and more flashes and camera noises said. i just waved them off, as i stuck to Luke's side.

"name?" a tall black man stood with 4 others at the gates, with letters "KJ" on the top.

"5 seconds of summer," Calum spoke, he nodded as the gates open. We got into the mansion, as Kylie Jenner runs up to us.

"oh my god, you all made it!" She said, bouncing up and down. She smiled to me,

"Winter! im so glad to meet you finally," She gave me a hug, i laughed as her baggy white tee shirt hitting against me.

"yeah, this place is amazing." i said, admiring the rich feel of the whole house.

"thank you! come hang out with us on the couches." She grabbed my hand as we skipped to her huge living room. Long couches filled the room as everyone gathered around. There were all kinds of people, from rappers to twenty one pilots. I didn't think Kylie would be this nice to be honest, i thought she would be you of those. we sat around the indoor fire as Michael strummed on guitars and we made jokes all round.


"new favourite person right here," Kylie Jenner posted a instagram photo. Kylie's cheek pressed against mine as we smiled to the camera.


"can i get a drink?" i said, Kylie laughed and nodded.

"i have something way better, Come come." Kylie bounced up, i gave a look to Luke and headed after her. our heels clicking on her hardwood. We struggled to get up the stairs, since we were already out of breath from running a almost maze to find her stairs.

"mama's little stash," Kylie greeted, as she opened a hallway closet. My eye's widened as jars of pot, filled the whole thing. Purple Kush, Pinapple Express, the lables went on with all of them.

"jesus, thats a lot of bud." i said, looking at the lightly coloured once and the plain greens.

"this one's pretty," i said, giving her the "Hydro" labeled jar. She grabbed a velvet fabric bag, that made a lot of clinking noises, along with a gold bong.


"All aboard the weed bus!" i yelled, as Kylie made train sounds as everyone cheered. Ive always been a stoner, when i was 13 i tricked my mum to letting me smoke, because she was too high to care. I stopped after high school, i just never really had the time to go out and look for dealers and pipes and everything.


Kylie's boyfriend Tyga packed the bong as we passed little pipes and bowls to everyone around.

"your a stoner?" Luke said, as i picked up the packed pipe and lighter. i nodded, as he just shook it off. i nudged him as i breathed in the fumes. 


















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