Radio Lover

Winter Smit, the one and only Aussie in the city of LA. She works for a large company, the one and only IHeart Radio. She's the main interviewer for celebrity's all over the globe, including Beyonce, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She has no family, only her mum who sits at home in Brisbane.

Luke Hemmings on the other hand, hes the lead singer of Five Seconds Of Summer who is currently touring the whole world. Saddly, he can't keep a relationship because hes so busy, traveling to Japan and to the UK in under a day. While his band is in the states, they have been asked to be interviewed at IHeart Radio's tower in the heart of LA.


11. 11



We laid in bed, watching celebrity news. i leaned in on his chest.


"Winter Smit, also known as Luke Hemmings girlfriend has been busted, pictures at a popular LA bar has surfaced including her with a guy who is NOT Luke hemmings. Some snaps are shown of them bolth kissing in a private lounge."


i felt Luke's body stiffen up, as i felt guilty as ever.

"Luke...." i trailed, he took a deep breath.

"no, its okay. i believe you, i know you wouldn't do anything like this." he kissed my forehead. i smiled.

"that goes the same for you." i said, gripping his hand.


Hours later, we were beyond bored. i was scrolling on my laptop and saw that lollapalooza is going on. Its pretty much a huge like festival. looking at the lineup i sighed.


"you okay?" Luke said, 


"yeah, just the lineup for Lollapalooza is awesome, like Twenty One Pilots and Tyler The Creator are there and so much more."i said,


"let me see that," he said, taking the laptop out of my hands.


"im gonna make some waffles." i said, getting up to the kitchen.


i came back to the room with a plate of waffles as i sat on the bed. i gave Luke one and with his wicked smile, something was up.

"you fucking didnt." i said, he laughed.

"i fucking did." he said,


he handed me the laptop back with a banner saying "thanks for your purchase."


"fuck you." i smiled, 

"how are we even going to get to Chicago- oh god dammit." i said, seeing package deal of hotel and airplanes.


"YOU GOT PLATNUM TICKETS ARE YOU INSANE." i yelled, seeing the over all price i almost fainted.


"i love you so much." i said, throwing myself onto him.

"i love you too baby." he said, wrapping his arms around me.




"i appreciate this big time." i said to Angie, as i handed her Rollie's leash.

"its no problem, im sure this little guy wont be to much. where did you get him?" she asked,

"a downtown pet shop," i said,

"please tell me you didn't spend a fortune on this dog." she laughed,

"ill tell you this, Rollie might have been in the thousands." he jaw dropped.

"well then....ill let you go on your flight. have a good time you two." she said, after she left we started getting ready.


it was a 3 day event so i had a pack a shitload of clothes. i packed like four flower crowns i can tell you now. After we were bolth done, we headed to the airport.


"you excited?" he said, as we rolled out luggages to the check.

"is grass green?" i asked, he laughed.

"i still can't believe you spent that much," i scoffed, putting my bag on the itinerary.


"babe, have you ever seen how much i make? this is nothing." he turned me around, i looked up to him as he smiled down to me.


"come on, we gotta go," i sighed, as i pulled on his hand. he then lifted me up and put me on his back.


"LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS BUT ME DOWN" i yelled, as he ran to the entrance of the plane.


"NO" he yelled, as we headed on our private plane that his record lable owns.


"YOU MOTHER FUCKER" i yelled, as we entered he sat me down on the white chairs that lined the windows.


"dont me mad, you were light as a feather." he said, taking the seat next to me. the over head speaked announced that we were taking off.


"yeah sure." i scoffed, he smiled and handed me a glass of wine.


"cheers." he said, as our glasses made a noise.


"CHIICAAAGOOOO" Luke yelled, as we exited the plane. we walked hand in hand as we got our taxi with our bags in it.


we arrived to a super fancy hotel which was like walking distance from the venue. The city was so beautiful at night, towers are lit up with flashing lights. its was midnight and out hotel room was awesome. as you enter a huge kitchen and glass walls showing the big buildings high above with sofas around. a spiral staircase surfaced up into the loft, with a king size bed and various bathrooms. 


"you could of just gotten a little motel or something." i leaned on him as he looked out the big windows.

"whats the fun of that, pizza's on its way also." he smiled,


"alright Mr Money." i laughed, as i there was a knock at the door.


"PIZZA" Luke yelled, running to the door with his skinny jeans a a tank top self. i laughed as he nearly killed the pizza guy.


we lit candles and played smooth jazz as we tore into the pizza box. Shoving cheese sticks down out throats along with drinking excessive beer and fruity beer. we were both stuffed as we got back to the bed. His arms trapped me against his bare chest. i had only bra and panties with my hair up in a messy pony tail.




i woke up to my same position as i feel asleep. i looked around and saw the sunset in the large windows. i tried getting away from Luke, but his arms were just pinning me. i poked his cheek.


"babe," i said, he moaned, as his arms squished me even more.


"can you let me go." i said, he sleepily noed.

"pretty please." he then opened his arms as he rolled over. i laughed and went downstairs.i slid on Luke's tee shirt which reached the end of my panties.


i went downstairs to see a little set up. a basket with colourfull ribbons and everything. a paper rosed saying enjoy Lalapooloza along with our v.i.p lanyards and tickets and two bottles of straight Vodka.

i saw that our cabinets were fully packed with food, so i busted out the eggs with sausages and everything. i played some music as i hummed alone.

i felt a tall body come from behind me, he hugged me whispering a shy Good Morning. i felt my butt feel a bulge. i laughed and pushed him off. he sat at the table with only his boxers on and messy hair. i served him his plate as i sat across from him.


"my shirt looks good on you." he said, while eating his piece of toast.

"its eating me alive." i laughed. he smiled.


i crimped my hair as it slid down to my chest. i slid on a black crop top and with a matted jean vest. i slid on black torn up skinny jeans. i has lots of bracelets and necklaces on with my round sunglasses and flower crown on. i did a simple dark makeup with nude lips. Luke wore a black tee shirt and black skinny torn up jeans. his sunglasses on and a snapback on his head.


"lets go." Luke gripped my hand.


We walked down the street to see the huge line. Screams were filed as security ex courted up to the vip areas. Cameras rushed up as they took picture after picture. we looked up to the schedule, there was so many good bands and everything playing everywhere. i gripped a red bull and looked around. concessions were setting up and the park was empty. 


"this place is awesome." i said, looking at the big sculptors of just insane stuff.

"yeah, lets go to Florence and the Machine. They are about to go,"he said, as we walked to the stage.


i looked back and a hoard of people were entering, Luke and I ran with all of our energy, they screamed Luke's name as we entered back stage. we looked above the stage and a crowd of people lined up. i screamed as the band played. we entered the crowd and just went insane. nodding my head at the music just made everything good.

As the music pounded, i shook my head. until Luke lifts me up like i weigh nothing and puts me on his shoulders. we were so close to the stage and i could actually see.


We were sitting in the VIP lounge, sipping on beers as our eyes followed our phones. out of the corner of my eye, i saw Luke's camera face me. 

"i saw that." i said, he smiled

"no you didn't." he said, going back to his phone. i rolled my eyes and went back to tumblr.


Luke Hemmings has mentioned you in a tweet


i laughed as i opened up his tweet.


"Lalapooloza with this little twat " with a picture of me sitting in the chair, my tattoos i got over Luke's break showing. 


"since when was i a twat?" i smiled.

"ever since i met you." he smiled, i giggled as i went back.


"LUKE TWENTY ONE PILOTS ARE ON IN 5 MINUTES" i yelled, looking at the clock. his eyes widened as we raced down to the stage.


"we are not gonna make it." i breathed, as we ran. Luke looked around and saw security riding in a golf cart. he whistled to them and they picked us up.


"you and your popular self." i laughed, leaning on him as we got on the back. we made it in time but there was no way wee could get back in the front.


"we can watch from like side stage or something." i sighed,

"theres no way thats going to happen." Luke grabbed my hand, he dragged me as we pushed through the crowd. Luke's name was being shouted as we pushed and shoved.


"i swear i just saw Kendall Jenner" i said into his ear. he laughed as we reached the front.


the lights shot dark and the piano played, i screamed with all my might as the came on in. they played like all of my favourite songs, house of gold, stressed out, goner, and even the run and go. 

















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