Radio Lover

Winter Smit, the one and only Aussie in the city of LA. She works for a large company, the one and only IHeart Radio. She's the main interviewer for celebrity's all over the globe, including Beyonce, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She has no family, only her mum who sits at home in Brisbane.

Luke Hemmings on the other hand, hes the lead singer of Five Seconds Of Summer who is currently touring the whole world. Saddly, he can't keep a relationship because hes so busy, traveling to Japan and to the UK in under a day. While his band is in the states, they have been asked to be interviewed at IHeart Radio's tower in the heart of LA.


10. 10



The place was popping, lights everywhere and music screaming into your ears.

"lighten up! lets get some shots." Destiny shouted in my ear, i sighed and nodded. putting up my plastered grin on my lips.


the liquor slid down my throat, hints of lemon from the slice on the shot glass. Destiny shouted for me, as the world started spinning. i was droopy, by the time we hit the dance floor. we threw out hands up like confetti, my hair going everywhere along with Destiny's brown locks. going from the floor to the bar in under a minute was tiring, i sat on the bar stool as Destiny rolled over to meet guys.


"you alone?" a mans voice whispered in my ear, i turned around to see a man in a tux, black slicked hair that shinned from the bright lights. 


"im here with my sister..." i said, his body wouldnt hold still in my eyes.


"doesnt look like it." he said, taking a look around.


"if your trying to hook up with me i have a boyfriend." i slurred, trying to act bitchy.

"cant a guy have a chat with a lady?" he said, taking the seat next to me. i smiled, as i sipped on my fruity drink.


"what do you want about." i said, he smiled.

"not sure, why isnt your boyfriend with you now?" he asked, i rolled my eyes.

"hes out of town." i said harshly. he smiled.

"dont give me attitude, i think i know you." he said, i looked at him wide eyed.


"and?" i said, 


"your dating Luke Hemmings, the one from that band." he said, i smiled.


"ding ding ding, you guessed right!" i said, i sounded so drunk you dont even know.


"and what do i win." he leaned in closer. i backed away, as he grabbed my arm.


"GET OFF OF ME" i yelled, the music shuttered me out. he let go and i fell to the floor. he helped me up but i quickly retracted my hand.


"i was just helping you up god dam." he cursed, i spit on his shoe and turned.


off guard, he turned me around and i can see from the reflection of my shot glass, he was holding a knife by my throat. i struggled to set myself free, but he was too strong. i screamed as loud as i can but we just blended in. he took me to a back room, pressed me up against a wall.


"what do you want from me?" i spat, he smiled.

"your love." he said, pressing his lips on mine, i struggled. i bit his lip as hard as i can. blood spilled as he let me go and yelled in pain. 


i took the chance and ran, i looked for Destiny and found her in th bathroom.


"WE HAVE TO LEAVE" i yelled, she quickly nodded, and we ran to the car together. after we started driving she asked.


"are you okay?" she said, i breathed.


"this guy almost killed me." i said, he mouth opened.


"he held a knife...t-to my throat." i said, she gasped. 

"should we go to the police?" she said, i shook my head.


"as long as im okay, we dont need to involve them." i said blankly, if i was drunk then, im wide awake now. full alert.


Destiny dropped me off at my apartment, rigth when i walked in, i fell on my bed.




my head pounded, i squinted towards the window as bright lights filled the room. Rollie at my side, i couldnt open my eyes. everything spun, as my insides turned. i moaned as i opened my eyes. covering my mouth, i vomited in the bathroom. i went back and sat with the small dog. i checked my phone as Luke called me.


"Winter, what the hell" he sounded angry.

"what?" i said, he sighed.

"there are pictures everywhere of your fucking time last night. who was that guy?" he said, 

"calm down Luke, its nothing i swear." i said,


"then what the hell is it Winter? Let me guess, oh you were drunk and you didnt know." he said,


"what?! god now, he tried to fucking rape me Luke. Dont blame me for this, just calm down." i said, 


"he tried to rape you? are you fucking serious." he said,


"im 100%, he started talking to me and then he pushed me on the ground and dragged me to the back. he tried kiss me and i bit the hell out of his lip."i said, i heard him laugh on the other end.


"thats my girl, is that all?" he said,


"yeah, i have a hangover from hell." i said, putting my hand to my forehead.


"awe, sorry about that." he said,

"hows the tour?" i asked,


"wouldn't know." he said, 


"what do you mean?" i asked,


i heard my door ring.


"hold on Luke there someone at the door." i said, as i saw i still had just a hoodie on and shorts..


i opened it and died.


"i missed you so much baby." he spoke. as i rushed into Luke's arms. 


we headed back as Rollie rushed Luke, 
















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