The Betrayal

A girl who's betrayed but finds herself seeking for revenge.


1. The Betrayal

The day she changed.

Bossy,cruel,a user.

The light turned to the dark side of her.

Her cheerful side long gone.

Her new friends joining her

with a smile of a demon.


Left Violet alone in a pile of dirt.

Like a used foreign

Striving for success.


Trying to overcome her fear.

Grasping a locket for it to be

the most precious

Thing she withholds.



Enduring every egoistic event.

To think that her life would be perfect

Instead of the perfect imperfect struggles

Throughout society.

Betraying is a poison ivy.


Mimickers, gold diggers, wreckers.

The vicious tone of their voice chatting as if

Those people are in the highest

rank in the school.

Treating her as a lost spirit

lurking around town.


A clench of the heart.

Memories of Violet and her

so called best friend

that crept back to her.

No one that she know to


No one to whisper her secrets.


Lies and pain.

Lies and pain.

The one that caused this.

The one that called her a pity in public.

A nightmare.


The sun peaking out of the clouds

A hidden hideout.

Safe and thorough.

Creating an alliance with the outcasts.


Now dynamic, challenging,


Feeling revenge running

Through her veins.

A chanting in her

Head that she

Is not a fake.

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