Wherever You Are

A little over a year ago Michael's girlfriend, Scarlett, went missing. The thing is, she was happy with her life and had no reason to leave. The question everyone has been thinking is, where is Scarlett Marie Thompson?


3. Without Scarlett


Ever since Scarlett went missing, Michael's been a wreck. I'm not even sure if he's showered that much since she disappeared. He just sits around playing Scarlett's favorite video games while blasting sad music.

We've had to cancel so many tours because of him. Every time he got on stage, he'd break down. People screaming "I love you" was just too much for him.

Everything he does reminds him of Scarlett, even simple things like taking a shower. Whatever he did, he found a way to think of Scarlett.

We need to find her, and soon.



Scarlett went missing on the day of our 6 month anniversary. She was suppose to be coming over to my house so I could take her out for a special dinner.

I thought she stood me up...I was crushed.

I wish she stood me up instead. I feel like it's my fault she's missing and I don't know why.



"Can I at least have a deck of cards for while you're gone?" I looked up with pleading eyes.

"Fine, whatever. Don't think I'll keep giving you stuff. How much do you want these damn cards?" He threw them on the nightstand next to him.

"I really want these cards. Please."

He sighs, "Here's the deal, if you take these cards off the nightstand, you don't get dinner tonight. That's the deal. It's your choice. Pick now."

I glared at him and reached for the cards. He laughed right as I picked them up.

"Wow, you really are stupid." He walked out of my room shaking his head. I felt the heat turn on which means it's time for the devil to go to work but here's the weird part..

I didn't hear the door at the top of the stairs shut..

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