Wherever You Are

A little over a year ago Michael's girlfriend, Scarlett, went missing. The thing is, she was happy with her life and had no reason to leave. The question everyone has been thinking is, where is Scarlett Marie Thompson?


2. Scarlett's Current Situation


I woke up and groaned. Yep, here comes the pain.

I opened my eyes to find nobody else in the room with me. I mean, that is if you could even call this a room.

I've been trapped in a really small bedroom for a year and 3 months. It's so small that I didn't even know this was a bedroom. It doesn't even have any windows so the only light I ever get in here is an occasional candle. I'm pretty sure I'm hidden in a basement too. Every time the devil comes to visit me I hear what sounds like a door being unlocked and thrown open, and then the devil walks down the stairs. I think I'm being kept in one of those secret basements that are usually covered by some sort of heavy furniture or carpet.

I stretched and winced in pain. I tried saying "ow" but it hurt even more.

I stood up and walked over to my tiny bathroom to look at myself in the mirror.

When I looked up I couldn't believe my eyes.

Half of my face was swollen and bruised with some dried blood on it too. It looks terrible.

I carefully washed my face and tried to do it as quick as possible. It hurt so bad.

When I was done I walked back to my "bed" and sat down.

I don't know how much more I could take of this.

For the past year and 3 months I have been abused and raped more times then I could count.

It's the same old thing everyday.

My food slides through a slot in the bottom of the door at the same times everyday. I get breakfast at 7 am and dinner at 9pm. That's right, no lunch. The devil is at work and doesn't want to come home to feed me.

Everyday my room is set to the coldest possible temperature, that way I'll be numb and unable to feel when the devil causes me pain.

After he's done with me, he leaves for work and cranks the heat so I can feel the pain.

It's the same thing everyday, except recently the pain has been getting worse. I think I have a broken bone or two, but there's no way I can get it checked out.

The devil is keeping me a secret from the world.

I don't even think the world remembers me. Even if he brought me into the real world, I doubt anyone would know who I am.

I'm the devil's toy, and I can't do anything about that.


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