Wherever You Are

A little over a year ago Michael's girlfriend, Scarlett, went missing. The thing is, she was happy with her life and had no reason to leave. The question everyone has been thinking is, where is Scarlett Marie Thompson?


11. Home?

A/N: This chapter is my apology for not updating for so long. I had an idea for a chapter and figured I might as well post it. Please comment if you want to be a character as well. I really need more character ideas. I have an idea for the plot and it includes many more people being introduced. I would like your name, age, hair color, eye color, height, personality traits, hobbies and anything else you feel is important! Thank you for the response on the last chapter. I love you guys (:



Scarlett's POV:

"Thank you for the ride home Officer Bryant and for the food." I said, sticking my head in through the passenger seat window.

"You're welcome dear. I'll call if I hear any news about David. Have a good day."

"Thanks, you too."

I watch as she pulls out of the driveway before starting to walk to the door. I'm surprised nobody noticed me by now, especially since the cops dropped me off.

As I reach the door, I try to decide if I should knock or just let myself in. I always would let myself in before I was kidnapped, heck I had their key. I'll knock, just for in case things have changed over the past year that I've been out of their lives.

I knock on the door and wait. Nothing. I knock once more, a little bit louder this time. Again, nothing. 

I try the door knob to see if anyone's home just to find the door locked. Great. I have no where else to go, nobody is home to let me inside and there's creepy guys staring at me from the other side of the street. Perfect.

I sigh as I sit down on their porch, checking my phone at the same time.

9:47 pm, go figure. The boys probably have a concert or something. I might as well get comfy.


*******2 hours later*******

Luke's POV:

"Oh my god, shut up already! You've told us that story 4 times in the past hour!" I look in the car's mirror to see Calum laughing his ass off. He has way too much to drink tonight.

Even though I was the designated driver for tonight, Ashton didn't drink as much as he usually does. I guess that might be part of the reason why he's getting so irritated with Calum's "hilarious" story.

I rolled my eyes as Calum started to tell us another one of his stories. Thank goodness we're just about to get home.

I tune Ashton yelling at Calum out as I pull into the driveway. Who's that on the porch?..

"Ashton." Of course he's still yelling at Calum. "ASHTON IRWIN!"

He looks at me. "What?"

"There's a girl on the porch. Do you know who that is or is it just some crazy fan?"

He looks towards the porch and focuses on the girl.

"Well, she looks to be asleep. It's only 11:47 so don't you think a fan who really wanted to meet us would stay up until we got home? If she was a crazy fan, she'd know we have things to do early in the morning tomorrow so we'd have to be home earlier than usual."

He has a point. "Let's go check her out then, see if she's okay." Ashton nodded.

Ashton and I got out of the car and started walking over to the girl. We made Calum stay in the car since he's too drunk to be quiet.

"Ashton..don't touch her." I whispered. He made it to the girl considerably faster than I did.

I finally made it up to the girl right as she started waking up. I didn't even have to see her face to know who she is.


Scarlett's POV:

I open my eyes and just about have a heart attack.

"Oh my god Luke and Ashton. You can't scare people like that!" I complained as I yawned.

"How do you think we felt? Why were you sleeping on our porch anyways?" Luke asked with a confused expression on his face.

"Hey man, I'm going to get Calum and bring him inside. Bring her in to talk, it's freezing out here."

After Ashton said that, I suddenly noticed just how cold it is. I shivered.

"Good idea. You must be really cold, come here." Luke held his arms out, welcoming me against his warm body. "Let's go inside."

We waited while Ashton unlocked the door and then went in.

"Ashton, can you go get her a blanket and some hot chocolate please? Don't forget to add 3 marshmallows and one of those peppermint sticks." I smiled at the fact that Luke remembers how I like my hot chocolate.

"Sure thing."

We both watched Ashton walk off before talking again.

"So, why were you asleep on the porch?"

I covered myself in the blanket before answering. "I'm sorry for that, I just didn't know where else to go. I don't have anywhere to stay and I only have $500 so that wouldn't be enough for me to live off of. I figured I'd come here and see if you'd be willing to take me in. I know that's a lot to ask so it's fine if you can't take me in.." I looked down, preparing myself for rejection.

"Of course you can stay here!!"

I looked up in surprise. "Really?!"

"Yes! All of us love you and we'd never turn you away. How long were you outside anyways?"

I looked at the time.

"Well I last checked the time at 9:47 so maybe two hours."

I watched as his eyes widen.

"Oh my gosh! It's freezing out there, Scarlett! Why didn't you come inside?"

"I wanted to. I knocked twice and I tried the door knob, but obviously it was locked. I just figured you guys were out."

"Michael stayed home because he said he didn't feel good and didn't want to go drink. I'm not sure why he didn't let you in."

Right on cue Michael enters the room, looking down at his phone.

"Hey Luke, have you seen my-" He freezes as he notices my presence.

"Michael, why didn't you let her in when she knocked?" Luke completely ignored Michael's question he almost asked.

"That was her knocking?"

I scoffed.

"Yes it was her. Why didn't you let her in?"

"To be honest, I thought it was the cops and I freaked out. I was smoking weed when I saw a cop car pull into the driveway so I panicked. I locked the door, hid my weed and pretended like nobody was home."

I saw Luke close his eyes and shake his head. "Scarlett..you can stay in our guest room upstairs. It's upstairs next to Michael's room so you should know where it is."

"Thank you."

I walked past Michael and made my way to my new room.

My room.

That's going to take a while to get use to.


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