Wherever You Are

A little over a year ago Michael's girlfriend, Scarlett, went missing. The thing is, she was happy with her life and had no reason to leave. The question everyone has been thinking is, where is Scarlett Marie Thompson?


9. Facing the World


I walked out of the car and took a deep breath. This is what freedom smells like..and it smells good.

Luke decided to take me over to his house to see the guys since I have nobody else to really go see. My parents don't seem to care much about me so I guess if they see me, they see me. I'm not making a special trip to see people who don't love me.

I walked through the door and saw laundry thrown on the floor..like usual.


Luke looked in the other room and came back looking confused because they weren't playing video games. "Ashton?"





I cringed at his name. Once again, silence.

"I swear if you're hiding in my room to scare me or if you're planning to shoot me with a nerf gun, I suggest you don't do it. I have plans for that bed in a few minutes." Luke smirked and tried not to laugh at my face.

All of a sudden we heard running from Luke's room.

"Hurry!! I don't need to see that! Run faster!!" I could hear Ashton yelling at the boys. I laughed pretty loud, and the running stopped.

"Luke..?" Calum started to ask, "Who exactly did you bring home? That laugh sounded awfully like..."

The boys all walked into the room and dropped their nerf guns. The dog pile followed soon after.

"Oh my gosh, Scarlett! I missed you so much!" Ashton said while squeezing me to death.

"Can't..breathe" I gasped when he let go and chuckled.

"Sorry. I really did miss you Scarf" I groaned. Not this nickname again. Yes, he called me Scarf. Scarlett reminded him of a scarf so he decides to call me that every time he talks to me.

"I missed all of you guys..mostly." I looked at them and smiled. I saw Michael look to the ground. He knows that I know what he did.

It was quiet for a little bit before I decided to speak up again.

"Well..I have to get going. I'm expected at the police station to explain what happened. Bye." I waved and walked out of the door.



When I got to the police station, I was quickly pulled into a room so they could question me.

"Hello Miss. Thompson. I promise this won't take long." A lady motioned to a chair and told me to sit. I braced myself to face everything all over again.

Here it goes...




I really need new characters so if you're interested, read my previous chapter talking about what I want you guys to tell me and comment please!

-Rachel xoxo


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