Poetry for the Devil.


7. what you say to them


everything is fine

nobody is dead

i understand the voices 

inside of my head


pulling me forwards 

and dragging me down

screaming so loud that they

don't make a sound


officer, please, 

i've done nothing wrong

there's just blood on my hands

and my friends are all gone 


my therapy works 

and i swallow my pill

mother believes me when 

i say i am ill


nobody hates me and 

i'm bursting with joy

don't worry, grandma 

i'm in love with a boy 


i only cry nightly 

which is less by a few 

i'm a little brainweird 

i thought everyone knew


i do all my homework

my memory's great 

and i never have trouble 

remembering the date 


i love reading poetry 

and writing it too

i can just eat it up when 

i'm feeling so blue 


showers aren't tedious 

i could surely laugh for years

and no i'm not constantly 

on the verge of tears 


i don't collect razors 

or practice tying knots 

hobbies, you ask me, 

and i say, i have lots! 


i never get angry 

or want to shoot guns 

and when i see blood

i just watch how it runs 


i'm not a broken record 

so don't say that i am 

my mind's not a floodgate 

or my feelings a dam


i'm not stuck replaying 

homemade poetry on repeat

my mind's just a war

that i will slowly defeat


so everything is fine

nobody is dead

and i understand the voices

inside of my head

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