Poetry for the Devil.


3. lies I've told


"keep going, keep going, 

it feels good, 

i swear." 


"no, the therapy's helping, 

it was bad before but

i think i'm getting 



"no i didn't mean it, honestly - 

it was just a joke, 

just kidding." 


"it doesn't matter to me, 

i don't care about it, 



"no i haven't been at a party, 

i didn't drink 'til college, 

alcohol tastes bad."


"go ahead and talk to her, 

i'm not jealous, 

i don't care." 


"what does homosexual mean?

i like the opposite sex, 

i'm straight." 


"i would never bunk off,

class was fun today, 

i went to school." 


"you're my best friend forever, 

you're my favourite, 

i'll miss you." 


"you're my entire universe, babe, 

i enjoy being with you, 

i love you."


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