Poetry for the Devil.


2. how to be unhappy


step one - look. listen. 

watch their eyes and the thunderstorms outside,

compare the lightning on their lips 

to the storm under your skin and 

slice, dice and soak it out. 


step two - care. 

care so much that it bleeds from your eyes, 

crisscrossing like stardust down 

your clean bed sheets, 

keeping time with the

texts on your phone.


step three - cry. 

cry in the rain and the river out back, 

cry in the heat of your cupboard 

and the cold of a cubicle. 

cry when it matters, 

and when it doesn't. 


step four - stop it. 

you leave a spark in your heart and 

an unlocked door because 

hope is chemically coded 

into your bloodstream. 

stop it (they never come.)


step five - hate. 

learn to hate yourself, learn to 

carry it around like a sore tooth, 

sticking like sunshine and 

a bad smell and

all your worries,

dragging you down. 


step six - paranoia. 

they're coming for you (they're coming;) 

you can taste it in the air

thick with tension and Marlboro smoke

clogging up your lungs and

choking you (they're choking you)

and you can't breathe.  


step seven - boredom. 

hate the things you loved, 

the people and the places you loved, 

because they cannot exist


draw a red cross through

the things you loved 

with an x marks the spot, 

with your buried treasure. 


step eight - descent. 

you don't care you don't care 

you don't care you don't

care you don't care you 

don't care anymore. you 

want to descend, to crash 

and burn and 



step nine - poison. 

oh boy, the embers in your chest feel so good 

when you pour whiskey on them, 

explosions inside your stomach 

and fires in your soul. 

the pain is a blunt knife



step ten - death. 

it's only logical, it seems. 

the next step in a series 

of unfortunate events so you 

lock your windows and howl with the wolf in your head,

slicing open the galaxies in your bones 

and the stars in your skin. 

you hang, draw and quarter yourself 

because nobody else will. 

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