About Justin

After media broke him down he quit and disappeared and started a life somewhere far away from everyone until he met a Genevieve.


2. two




i woke up as i feel someone carrying me. i see the guy from the cottage carry me. he has pissed look in his face as i look at him closer i bet his handsome behind the beard and long hair but he has pissed look in his face. "where are you taking me?" i ask. "away." he snaps. "now you can walk for you self." he says. i notice i'm not naked he had wrapped a leafs around my chest. i wonder why. he lets me to stand on my feet.  he lefts me and i find my self from lagoon. i take my backpack. m stomach hurts. i haven't  eaten anything. i take my backpack and start to walk my way back to the cottage. like i am gonna let him go so easily. i heard him groan as he sees me again. "you just can't leave me alone don't you." he groans. "i'm hungry i was wondering if you have anything to eat." i say looking at him innocently. "whatever. please put something on." he says and i blush as i notice the leafs had fallen. i dress up to large t shirt. i follow him inside his cottage. i wonder who wants to live like this. don't he miss people. miss talking to someone. he comes back with a plate. i eat like i haven't eaten for years. "whats your name?" i ask. "its none of your problem." he snaps. why is he so grumpy. "hey. you don't have to be so rude. anyway if you don't want to tell yours i am Genevieve." i say. he rolls his eyes. "are you gonna leave? or what." he says. "i think i am gonna stay with you for a while. you clearly need some company you seem so pissed." i say. "i'm pissed because you don't leave me alone." he says. "but anyway. you are not gonna get right of me easily." i say smiling to him. "what if i carry you to the middle of nowhere while you sleep." he says. "you wouldn't  do that. wouldn't you." i say. "yeah." he says. "what if i get bitten by snake or something bad happens to me." i say. "i don't care." he says standing up. "anyways thanks for the food." i say walking over him and giving his plate back. he nods. looking me.  i don't know whats wrong with me but as he places the plate on the table i walk closer to him and run my hands on his hair pushing it behind his ear. he watched me with wide eyes. "you clearly need some hair cut." i say running my hands on his hair what is longer than mine. he takes strong hold of my hand. "stop." he says. i narrow my eyes to him and place my free hand on the other side of his head touching his hair softly. he groans and takes hold of it too. my brains stops thinking and my body acts like it has brain of it own. i place my mouth to his and i am surprised  when i felt his hold of my hands loose and he kisses me back softly. how can he be a good kisser when he has been living alone gods knows how long. he sats me to table and kisses me harder. "why are you doing this." he mumbles against my lips. " i don't know." i say honestly. "do you know who i am? or are just going to mess with me." he says. "what do you mean? if i would know who you are then why did i ask you whats your name." i say. he closes his eyes. "i hate people." he mutters. when he opens his eyes his beautiful brown eyes are placed with pain. "what happened to you." i whisper. touching his yawn softly he doesn't push away or act like cave man like he had acted earlier. he just stares deep into my eyes like trying to read my thoughts. "you know i am not living middle of nowhere for just fun." he says. he clearly have a reason why he is living like  a aborigine. "tell me." i say softly and kiss his cheek. he has hard look in his eyes as a tear slips down his cheek. then it hits me. how stupid have i been. what if he is some wanted super criminal. he notices my shocked expression. "what?" he asks. " i know who you are." i say. he raises his eye brows. "are you one of those wanted criminals. aren't you. you are hiding here so they won't find you." i say. he could be i mean he has so much tattoos. he looks like a trouble. his eyes wide and i blush as he starts to laugh. he laughs. after he had calmed down he wraps his arms around me and whispers into my ear. "you are right i am running for people." i gasp. "chill." he says. the heat of the weather rises up and i am sweating. "dammit its freaking hot." he curses. "lets go to the lagoon to talk." i say. he raises his eye brows but then agrees. i follow him to the lagoon and fell much better when i get into cold water. "but now tell me who you are." i swam closer to him. "you know if i where you i wouldn't come closer." he warns i see his eyes darken little. "why?" i ask. he shakes his eyes. "you are so naive. what do you think? you. a woman swimming naked. me man. naked and plus i haven't seen people for four years." he says leaning against rock and closes his eyes. i he gasps as i sit on his lap. "stop." he says pushing me off. i feel embarrassed what is it am i not beautiful or attractive enough. my thoughts  get cut when i feel his hands around me as he softly kisses my neck.

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