About Justin

After media broke him down he quit and disappeared and started a life somewhere far away from everyone until he met a Genevieve.


1. one


The day came when he gave the world what they wanted

after being in jail for second time because of drugs and being on the every magazines covers 

and they hacked his phone and reveled his all privacy to everyone to read he got enough.

he stepped on the stage his skin was pale and he had circles around his eyes and he looked like zombie. he took the microphone and everyone went silent after calling him names "first i want to say sorry. to the fans. to those who stood next to me, i want to thank them who believed in me. you helped me to stay sane. and to the haters and to the media. you ate me alive. i still can't believe you guys get paid for to try to ruin and break people down by all the shitty news you made up. how does it taste? to know that the money you buy your food is given you because you took a nasty photo or write a shitty fake news.you are horrible.un human. i can't believe you. when i first sang baby you guys made a parody video about me and wrote nasty things about me, then i succeeded and the hate grew more. you guys spend your time to dis and make fun of a teenager. you are nothing. i pity you. all of you are just peace of shit and you will never mean anything. but you know i'm tired. of all of you and i am gonna give you what you want. this paper is a prove of that,that all of my money had given to charity and what about me? where i am gonna be? thats for you to guess. YOU WON'T NEVER SEE ME AGAIN. and again sorry to all my beliebers.  i don't want you to hurt your selfs. i don't want you to do anything stupid. please don't do anything stupid when i am gone. no i am not gonna kill my self  i'm just gonna get away. i will always be alive living  somewhere and being happy and singing and playing guitar and i will never forget my beliebers. the ones  i love even though i haven't met you all. if you want me to be happy continue your life. maybe someday you will heard of me again." he put the microphone away and tear escaped for his eye as he blew  a kiss to the screaming fans. and after his speech he was gone. no one knew where he went. not even his own mother.



 Genevieve's pow


traveling has always been something what i loved and that was why i was  walking middle of nowhere somewhere in Caribbean. i snapped pictures of beautiful rainforest. it was hot and i was thirsty and all i wanted was to go swim to fresh sea. i smiled as i saw beautiful lagoon further middle of the rainforest it was hidden and so beautiful that it took my breath away.i  took all of my clothes of and jumped to cold water i sat on the side of the lagoon just listening the birds sing  when the sound of an guitar  woke me up from my  daydreaming. i swam closer to the music and i could hear someone singing. then i saw him sitting on the side of the lagoon his legs  touching the water as he sat there naked and sang beautifully. it came out of blue. no one were supposed to live here. he had long hair almost longer than mine and long beer but he looked young.  i swam closer. he stopped playing when he noticed me. "shit." i could hear he curse.  he got up and ran. i felt the curiosity to follow him and so i got up from the water and followed him. he didn't notice me following him because i hide behind the threes. i followed him to a place what looked like self made cottage. i face palmed when i noticed i was naked. of course i left my all clothes to the lagoon. i looked inside to the window and saw him sitting on the bench as he run his hands through  his hair. i wasn't afraid of him i walked inside his house and i could see how his brown eyes wide as he saw me. i had taken a leaf to cover my boobs because it was so awkward to be naked but i was curious that why did he run away. "you shouldn't have followed me." he said looking at me angrily standing up. "go!" he yelled. "why?" i asked. "are you stupid or something why would i live middle of somewhere for fun? i live here because i don't want  to see Anybody! so go and leave me alone." he said taking a step closer to me. "doesn't it get boring. to be all alone?" i asked. "you are stupid." he said. "i bet you get bored. " i said. "no i don't. i don't need anyone. i have food and my guitar." he said. "what if you get sick?" i asked. "i won't i have lived here for ages i can take care of my self. now go away please." he said. "leave me alone! don't you understand i want to be alone. i noticed that he had tattoos actually it was difficult not to notice because his both arms were covered to tattoos and chest,leg and back.  "okay i will leave you alone." i said. and when i stepped out it started to rain like crazy. i walked back to inside and he looked at me angrily. "please. let me stay till the rain is over. please. " i said walking closer. he shook his head and then mumbled something to his self. "okay what ever." he said. "i'm Genevieve."  i said. "okay." he answered. "how about you?" i asked. "Drew." he told me. "Okay nice to meet you." i said. he just glared at me. "you are stubborn one you don't give up don't you?" he asked. "nope. you will never get ride of me." i joked. "this place is wonderful" i said. "mmmh." he said. "you are not a good company." i said. "well can you please shut up i need a sleep. i want you gone when i woke up." he said. 

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