Ideas More Powerful Than Guns

A reimagining of Cobra Commander's origin story, taking the Marvel/Devil's Due version and putting my own twist on it.


1. Half The Battle

 There are two halves to every war. 

"Approaching the Soviet facility, Sir" Lieutenant Daniel reported. 

Espionage. Covert operations. Spies. Knowing the important strategic details. That's half of it. 

 "Stop up here. We'll go on foot the rest of the way," Replied Sargent Nicholson, "Sargent Schatz, you'll be with me. Lieutenant Daniel, you're going to be on look out duty." 

Your enemy has secrets, you uncover them, you use them, sell them, make alliances, make war-pacts...If you're wise you can win without ever firing a single bullet.

"We can take photos of this side here, and then work around the complex" suggested Sargent Schatz.

But war doesn't play out for the wise. factors go unaccounted, unseen. An enemy shoots out of your peripheral vision. A bullet whizzes past the side of your nose, shedding flakes of skin off of your nose before continuing it's journey to the center of your commanding officer's left lobe. And then another comes. And then another. And then. And.

"We don't take kindly to spies!" He yells.

The other half of the battle is the ringing in your ears, the taste of iron in your mouth from blood that is not your own. Violent orchestras of human screams and sliding metal. And then there are only two remaining. A real American hero and a real Russian villain. 


A real soldier and a real soldier. There are no heroes or villains in war. We've all got something to fight for. 

"I know you're there!" He spits.

What is he fighting for? His homeland? His children? His mother? I remember that the pistol on the side of my leg is still full of ammo. I remember why I am behind enemy lines risking my life now, and everyday. I remember what I am fighting for. 

"For my brother." Daniel murmurs as he fires six rounds into the chest of the soldier.



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