Ideas More Powerful Than Guns

A reimagining of Cobra Commander's origin story, taking the Marvel/Devil's Due version and putting my own twist on it.


4. Firefly

Patient Jason B. Lee lights the hospital in fire, and locks Doctor Menov in a room. Daniel find him amongst the rubble and cries over the loss.

Tomax opened up a bottle of painkillers and took two pill out. They were a sugary white, but smelt like baby powder. He swallowed them and went back into his sleeping quarters. Xamot looked away from the financial records he had been writing up, and over at his brother.

"You know, stealing medical supplies is a federal offence, brother." Xamot said.

"You gonna report me?" Tomax mumbled as he pressed his face into a pillow.

"No...," Xamot shook his head, "I'm just saying that taking from the people who have humbly allowed us to live in their medical center is a fantastic way for us to be kicked out."

Tomax turned his head, still smushed against the pillow, "They're not going to miss two Ibuprofens."

"But two adds up to four, eight, a whole bottle or six. Soon there's no Ibuprofen, and then they find someone else to manage their accounts." Xamot laughed, and then sighed. "I know your scars are acting up. I'm sorry. I feel your pain." 

Tomax sighed and further submerged his head into the pillow.


Adam followed Daniel as he walked through the halls of the medical facility. It was weird, it looked very similar to a regular hospital, but it had more colors about it. Mainly shades of green and blue. There were murals adorning some of the hallways, art portraying sunrises, eccentric designs of animals, and oddly enough simple ink drawings of various cakes. Daniel explained that this type of art was actually common in most hospitals, but it felt unusual. Adam presumed hospitals were supposed to be clean, white, and smell like chlorinated old people or sometimes, not often, but sometimes-used socks. The medical center didn't smell like anything, though. Adam was beyond impressed.

"I wanted to show you something cool that our doctor has been working on with one of our patients." Daniel motioned toward one door, "One of his old work associates sent him a model of a device that scans brainwaves and it's incredible. He's offered to demonstrate it's uses for me, and I thought I'd bring you along, since you've been wanting to know what all goes on it here."

They stepped inside a green room with a glass pane, illuminated by halogen lamps. On the other side of the glass, Archie was putting head gear on Mr. Lee, who was sitting in a chair compliantly. Archie waved at the two of them and pointed to a button next to the window on their side. They pressed it, and the speaker system went on.

"Hey guys! This is going to be exciting!" Archie waved his arms about as if he was in a Wallace & Gromit cartoon. "So. On the screen on your side, you're going to see some brain wave patterns in just a few seconds...Now!"

The LED screen in front of them flashed several red and blue lines, that didn't seem to want to stay in one configuration. Some of them liked to wrap around each other and then repel violently, some circled around or morphed into shape, they pulsed and bounced. Adam thought it was a neat enough display, but didn't actually know what the fuck this thing was.

"What the fuck is this? 'This a bunch of lines? What-What am I looking at, Dan?" He struggled.

Archie's voice came on the sound system again, "Sorry, I should probably explain, I forget I'm the only one who went to med school. The lines are what the machine used to represent Mr. Lee's brainwaves. Right now they're in flux, a-uh-stream of consciousness. If he were to focus on something specific, they'd be more relaxed, straighter, yadda yadda. With this device we can test how he reacts to something internally even if he doesn't show it externally. Medication wise, however."

Adam looked over at Daniel, "How much is this costing me? You still haven't paid me back, you know that, right?"

Daniel put his hand on Adam shoulder, smiling. "You will be paid back very, very soon, Adam. Don't worry."


Xamot had forgotten a purchase receipt for a large quantity of medical supplies in Daniel's office, and it was pretty much the only thing he had left to factor in before figuring out their monthly gains and losses. So he would be dammed if he was going to be stopped because of it. He neared the door of Daniel office to find it left open. He pushed it, and the smell of gasoline coated the insides of his nostrils. The entire office from the paper documents in the files on the wall to the wooden furnish of the floor had been coated in gasoline. 


Archie stared at the DeCobray brothers as they argued about funds. He didn't know if he should say anything. It was probably best to stay out of sibling disputes. Either way, the showing of the new device was over, it was time to put it back in storage and further analyze the results later. He turned away from the argument, to see nothing but an empty chair. The brain wave scanner was missing. Worse, Lee was missing. 

"Shit." Archie said.

And then the lights went out.

Adam and Daniel stopped arguing for a second and looked around them. Pitch. Black. Daniel tried to look through the glass for Archie. He put his voice on the intercom with a button, "Hey, you in there, 'doc?"

"Yes...But I think I'm locked in, the door won't budge. And...You won't like this...I don't have any company." Archie responded.

"Patient Lee is gone?" Daniel raised his voice, concerned.

"Is that a bad thing?" Adam's voice shook.


Xamot wandered through the dark halls, his feet were wet with gasoline. It was everywhere. Seeping out of every corridor. Dripping out of every wall. Who was able to find this much gasoline? Suddenly, it got a whole lot brighter. A man with a metal helmet had lit a match in the darkness and was staring right at Xamot.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Xamot screamed. 

"I have a bucket list. Ants, Mice, Fields, Abandoned houses...Houses. the houses." Lee made designs with the flame of the match in the air.

"...What?" Xamot squinted his eyes in utter bafflement.

"I've never burnt down a whole hospital before...It's exciting. I'm...warm. Are you?" Lee brought the flame up to his cheek, and it started to burn him. "You will be."

Lee dropped the match into the foot deep pool of gasoline below, and the fire engulfed him. It's bluish-orange glow was heading straight for Xamot. He only had time to yell out Tomax, before it swallowed up his heat as he reached a splitting corridor. Now it had options. But why settle for one, when it could take both. When it could take them all.


Tomax woke up with his bed floating in a small pond of gasoline. He splashed through the room, and peered outside. Dark corridors, continuing on with the trend of being full of petrel. Where were the windows? Windows would be great right now. There had to be one in the next room. He sloshed his way over. It was locked. The corridor behind him started to get brighter. Huh. Okay. Flash light rescue crew? The corridor grew even brighter, sparks flew out. Fire. Tomax rushed to check the next door. Locked. Crap. Next door. Locked. Okay, it's okay. Next door. Locked. FUCKfuckityfuckNextDoor! The fire was half way down the corridor toward him. Justfuckitdon'tevenTRYtoopenthisnextdoor, it'llbelocked, you're gonna half to burst throughitHITit! HITit! HITit! Tomax smashed through the next door with the full force of his body, only to find it was unlocked. Comical. The fire was gaining. He scrambled up on his feet and forced the large window in the room open, scrambling out just in time before the fire engulfed the room.

He gasped for air, laying on the ground.

A couple yards away, another body did the same thing.


The fire burst through the doorway of Archie's experimentation room, and slowly moved to surround the whole room. The electronics surrounding him short circuited, as he banged on the window. 

Daniel and Adam couldn't do anything put look on in horror as the heat from the fire made it harder and harder for Archie to struggle against the glass. His arms grew tired. It was getting harder to breath. Slowly, his fingers slipped, and his body slumped down towards the floor. 

Daniel dropped to his knees. The fire hadn't reached their room yet, but the stone that covered a majority of the building was turning the room into a furnace. Sweat droplets spiralled down, hanging off the tip of his brow and nose. Daniel wasn't hearing Adam's cries of how he didn't know what to do. Daniel could only hear gun shots. Trapped again. The glass window separating the two rooms collapsed open from heat pressure, and shards trickled over the two of them. The fire seemed to spit out I know you're there!  The fire climbed the walls and twisted around the room. 

Adam watched Daniel crouch down. He'd seen this before, Daniel was having flashbacks. Adam knew they had to get out of there now, if they wanted to survive. Smoke was starting to travel in through the broken window. Adam crawled along the floor and grabbed Daniel by the wrist. 

"Listen," Adam spoke softly, but firmly to Daniel as he attempted to shake Adam's grip, "No, stop it, come on. Listen. We need to get out of here. Now. Okay? You're gonna have to yet on your hands and knees and follow me to the exit." Daniel squirmed as the smoke levels increased. "Don't breath heavily, but do breathe slowly. Hold my hand and follow me. Ok? Daniel? Okay?" 

Daniel nodded his head, and took Adam's hand. They crawled through the shards and slivers of glass toward the door. Coughing, Adam unlocked the door they had came through. The hallway outside hadn't been touched by the fire yet, but smoke still clouded the halls. They continued to crawl through the vapor-filled passages, until they found their way back to the main entrance. Adam and Daniel got up from the ground, and ran through the flame fumes to outside. They slammed onto the concrete in a fit of coughing. Adam looked up to see police and firefighters arriving.


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