Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


9. 9.

"Calum, it's fine."

Alana argued again, shrugging off Calum's protests. Since they had left the park and gotten back into the car (Alana with nothing but socks on her feet as she put her shoes in the trunk), Calum had done nothing but apologize and offer to buy a new pair of shoes for her. She typed again, "It's okay, I have like a million more pairs at home." 

He sighed, taking his eyes off the road as he spared a glance at her, "You sure?" She nodded and asked, "Yeah, so you up for pizza?"

Calum thought about it, weighing the chances of his stomach emptying itself and shrugged, "Yeah, let's go!"  

Alana smiled and tapped the address of her favourite pizza parlour into the GPS. Sure, it was a popular hangout for the kids at her school- well, her old school, but it was the end of their senior year, most of them will be out clubbing and drinking. She thought.

She and Calum walked into the place (still, only with socks on her feet) and Alana's heart felt like it dropped to her feet. There, at the table in the centre of the restaurant, was Kelly and her posse of open legs and cakey make-up. Great.. Alana thought.

She was about to tell Calum that they should go somewhere else when the squeaky voice called out, "Look who we have here."

Alana didn't take it was possible but Kelly actually had more make-up on than usual. Her face looked like it weighed the extra ten pounds she wanted to lose. Calum wrapped an arm around Alana's waist, very nonchalantly but not subtle enough that Kelly would have missed.

"Oh look! Mutey managed to get herself a man... And he's not that bad-looking, right girls?" 

Her clan of whores giggled and twirled their hair in agreement as they practically drooled over Calum right in front of her. Kelly pouted, her eyes on Calum before they flashed over to Alana, "I wonder what's so wrong with him.. that he'd settle for her."

They burst out in loud cackles that drew the attention of everyone in the restaurant and Alana could feel the heat rushing to her face. Oh the things she wished she could tell to that whore. To save herself more embarrassment than what she'd already received (and God knows that's a lot), she quickly typed, "Calum, let's just go back to mine." 

He gave her a look that said, Don't worry, I got this.

Which just made Alana want to worry anymore.

Calum unwrapped his arm from Alana's waist (where it had felt so natural, he hadn't even noticed he'd done it) and stepped closer to the table of witches. 

"Excuse me but where's the man?" He asked, very solemnly.

Their laughter paused as Kelly asked, "What?"

He repeated very slowly for her bird-brain to understand, "Where is...the man?"

Kelly, clearly confused, asked again, "What.. What man?"

He answered, "You know, the man that asked you to bring your attention-seeking ass in here? The same man that asked to even look at Alana, so much for talk to her that way? The man that asked you to talk to me? Where is he?"

Kelly, clearly confused, stuttered, "I..I... I don-"

But he cut her off, "Wait, he isn't here? He isn't real? Oh, well neither should the chances of your slutty ass talking to Alana be. So if I were you, I'd get up, shut up and leave before Alana has to pound your face in and make it look even worse. The last thing anyone would need is for you to wear more make-up." 

Alana wanted to stop him. She should have stopped him. But seeing the look on Kelly's face after those years of bullying, it was too much to pass up. 

Kelly narrowed her eyes at the Kiwi boy, "And what makes you can talk to me like that?"

He tapped his chin as if he was actually giving it thought, "Probably the fact that I don't give a fuck."

At that point, Alana knew Kelly was done. Even under the pounds of make-up, she could see the redness of Kelly's face. Calum turned back to Alana, "Let's just leave; the smell of whore is practically choking me."

And with that, they made their exit. 

Alana laughed and laughed until she almost couldn't breathe. And Calum laughed too. Even though he couldn't hear it, he could imagine the celestial sound escaping her lips as her eyes closed and her nose scrunched up, revealing a mouth full of pearly whites. 

"You know, you didn't have to do that." 

Calum looked away from the road to spare a glance at Alana, "Yeah, I did. Couldn't just let them say those things. What kind of man would I be if I didn't defend a lady's honour?" 

Alana shook her head and ran a hand through her hair. They got back to her place and Calum ordered the pizza they were supposed to buy, seeing as though they were both still hungry. (Not even the sight of cakey make-up and open legs could spoil their appetite.)

But if they joked around and fell asleep in each other's arms before the pizza came.. Hey, someone got a free pizza that night.

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