Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


8. 8.


For the first time in what seemed like forever, Alana's cheeks actually hurt from smiling too much. 

She knew Calum was funny from their texting relationship but she didn't know one human being could be so fucking hilarious at the same time. 

After they had left the school and Alana had gotten some time to recollect herself, Calum launched their day that was destined to be amazing. He took a couple of familiar turns and in half an hour's time, he had pulled up to a place of Alana's childhood. Thorpe Park.

The gigantic theme park was merely a thirty-five minute drive from Alana's house but she hadn't been there in over a year. Too many painful memories. So when Calum announced they were going there, she had this uneasy feeling but once she saw the excitement on his face, she put the past behind and they went. Now, it was seven hours later and Alana regretted nothing. 

They started on the Slammer. From the ground below, it looked amazingly and terrifying fun and the actual ride was no different. The ride had Alana giddy and smiling but it was Calum's face that topped the cake. It was a mixture of horror movie terrified and kid-in-a-candy-store amazed. It amused you so much that for a moment you forgot you were dropping from 105 feet in the air. It was that funny.

After the 'ride of death' as Calum had called it, they went on a couple of milder rides before they went on their last ride of the day. The Samurai. A creation of force of up to 5G, spinning three hundred and sixty degrees while sixty feet in the air. It made the Slammer look like child's play. As they stood in the long line in which they were almost to the front, Alana tapped away on her phone, "Cal.. You sure about this?"

Alana was a thrill seeker, sure, but this ride looked deadly terrifying. However, Calum stood his ground, "Yeah, it'll be fine." He spoke a lot too soon. They made it through the entire ride. All the spinning at the high velocity and deadly heights were over and while Alana was giddy, Calum felt as if someone had reached into his insides and personally twisted it around like they were made of play-doh. 

"So what do you want to do next?" Alana asked, eyes looking at all the rides they haven't been on. He took a while to respond and she turned to him, "Cal, you okay? You look a little green.." She was about to say that they should go back to hers when he stopped her, emptying the contents of his stomach onto her shoes. 

Calum swore he didn't mean to. He had actually opened his mouth to suggest they go somewhere else but when he opened it, his stomach decided to purge itself. Onto Alana's shoes.

He tried to hold it back, running to the nearest bin and puking up everything he'd eaten for the day. When he was done, he wiped his mouth and turned back to her. She had taken a few steps back from the mess and her shoes were now in her hand as she let the phone say, "Let's just go home."

He couldn't agree more.

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