Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


7. 7.


Alana sighed, more of relief than of exasperation, and shoved her phone back into her bag. She got up, pushed her lunch tray to the side, and left the lunch room, making her way to get the last bit of stuff out of her locker. She had just shoved the last book into her bag and she thought she was home-free. That was, until she heard the clicking of heels against the school's marble tiles. 

She mentally swore and started speed-walking to the exit.

"Ayy Mutey!!!" 

The shrill voice rang out in the echoing hallways, giving Alana the motivation to walk faster. She could see the car and Calum leaning against its door, a smile on his face, when she felt something pull her back.

"Where do you think you're going, Mute?" Kelly grinned at her but there was no humour in that grin. Only sadism. Alana's eyes flashed over to Calum, who she hoped was too involved at something else to notice what was going on, but it was to no such luck as his gaze was right on them.

Kelly followed her gaze and sneered, "Oh, your little freak of a boyfriend is here to pick you up? Oh, that's nice."

Alana pulled out her phone and typed quickly, "Leave me alone."

Kelly snickered and shoved Alana, "No wonder your entire family killed themselves. Any one in their right mind would commit suicide just to get away from you." Now that struck a chord in Alana. People could give her all the bullshit in the world about herself and her weird ailment or even her parents. But once it came to Nicki, she drew a major line. With a rage that had been building for the past five years of her life, she dropped her bag to the ground.. and pounced onto Kelly, knocking her to the floor.

It all happened so fast that Calum could barely respond. One moment, Alana and this blonde chick that had on way too much make-up and way too little clothes were talking (well, the girl was talking and Lana was listening) and the next, Alana had the girl pinned to the floor as she fired shots at her face. He ran to the two girls and pried his best friend from the floor as she was kicking and no doubt, mentally screaming. 

For a small girl, she's really strong, Calum thought as he tried to drag Alana back to her car. Somehow managing to put her into the front seat, he buckled her in and went to the other side of the car, jumping in the front seat of the vehicle and driving off. The last sight that Alana saw before Calum pulled off, was Kelly on the ground, blood running out of her nose as her clique gathered around.

Calum drove down the road, sparing a glance at Alana from the corner of his eye every now and then. Her face was turned to the window and she was shaking violently, her hands fisted on her lap and knuckles bruised. "Alana?" Calum said, trying to get her attention. He didn't need to hear her to tell that she was crying, her body movements gave it away. He pulled over, worried gravely for her best friend. "Alana?" Calum asked again, this time resting his hand on her knee. 

She turned to him, tears in her eyes and fresh tear tracts on her cheeks. She wiped her tears away and pulled out her phone, blinking back the ones in her eyes, "Let's just go out... What'd you have planned?"


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