Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


6. 6.


Cally-Wally: A

Cally-Wally: L

Cally-Wally: A

Cally-Wally: N

Cally-Wally: A

Cally-Wally: Lana-Banana!!!!

Me: Yessss....Calum

Cally-Wally: I'm bored.

Me: Cal.. 1) I'm in school. 2) My house has a game room filled with all kinds of video games.. How can you be bored.?

Cally-Wally: I've been here for two hours... I already made my way through those games.. And I Skyped with my                      friends back home.. Now, I'm bored.

Me: Well... It's lunch time.. And we don't really have anything else to do... Fine, I'll ditch.

Cally-Wally: Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Cally-Wally: Pick you up in three minutes?

Me: You were just waiting for this...weren't you?

Cally-Wally: ....

Cally-Wally: Maybe...

Cally-Wally: See ya! 

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