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She really didn't wanna wake him up.

Alana had gotten up, brushed her teeth, taken a shower, threw on a flannel and a pair of jeans with a beanie, went downstairs and made breakfast for the both of them, ate her breakfast and waited at least ten minutes before she came back up the stairs and went into Calum's room. She really didn't wanna wake him up. But, it was her last day of high school and she wanted to go.

High school had been nothing but hell to Alana for the years she had been there. She was constantly bullied. Constantly picked on. But now, it was her last day there. Ever. She just had to go. It would prove her resilience. It'd prove that she was strong enough to go through hell after what the universe had thrown at her. It would prove she could do it.

Now, it was almost eight o' clock and Alana was knelt beside Calum's bed, trying to figure out how she would do this. He looked so peaceful sleeping and she didn't want to ruin that. She sighed, she was gonna have to do this. She shook him lightly, wishing she could whisper his name. He groaned, making a rather inhuman noise and mumbled, "Uhh.. just five more minutes, Mum."

Alana giggled, how adorable could he be. You're gonna be late for school, Alana. She reminded herself, she shook him a little harder and he groaned again, this time, his eyes opened to reveal the most beautiful shade of brown she'd ever seen before.

Calum rubbed his eyes with his hands and looked around the room, trying to gather his bearings as to where the hell he was. It took him a second but then he remembered landing in London and all the events that followed. He saw Alana and he smiled. Her beautiful face, the first thing he saw as he opened his eyes? He could definitely get used to this. No Cal, you have a girlfriend. His subconscious reminded him. And it was true. He had a wonderful girlfriend Alexia back home in Sydney who was waiting on him. 

Alana typed away, the automated voice filling the silent room, "Morning Cal, I've got school in a bit so there's food downstairs in the kitchen and I'll be back at two, okay?"  Calum sat up, stretching, "Let me walk you."  The blanket that was covering him fell away, revealing his bare chest. Alana let her gaze fall to his abs (that mind you, were perfect) that were just above his well-sculpted V-line.

"Like what you see?" Calum teased.

Alana felt herself go red as she turned away slightly. Calum laughed (and the sound was purely beautiful to Alana) and got off the bed, throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of sweats. He went into the bathroom and came out not long after, his face wet. He reached out for a towel, dried his face and picked up his phone. "Let's go."

It made no sense to drive to school since it was only three blocks away but still, she asked. "You mind walking?" Calum shook his head. Anything that would give him more time with Alana was fine with him. 

They walked in silence for a while until Alana heard Calum softly humming an unfamiliar tune. "What's that?" she asked him. He turned to her and raised an eyebrow, "What's what?" She continued, not meaning to be prying but just generally curious, "That thing you were humming."

He shrugged, blushing a little as if he was embarrassed. "It's nothing... Just a song me and some mates were walking on..." He trailed off and Alana didn't pry further. She knew Calum could play the bass and she was now determined to have him play for her before he went back to Australia. 

They made the short walk to her personal hell-hole and she stopped right before the entrance, him stopping beside her. "Okay, I'll be home at two. You gonna have trouble getting back?" 

Calum chuckled, "Alana, I've been to London before. I know where I'm going." She smiled and typed, "Well, I'll see you at two." He nodded, his lips curved, "Yeah, I'll meet you back here?" She shook her head and was about to type a denial but he continued, "Alana, I want to. Plus, it'll be easier so we can go out. I do have plans for our one-yeariversary." He poked her in the sides and she laughed, pushing him away lightly. 

The first bell rang and the smile fell off Alana's lips. She typed, "Two o' clock, okay?" He nodded and pecked her on the nose, "See ya at two!"

She walked into the grounds, standing by the gate to watch Cal walk off, before going to her locker. "Hey Mute!" Alana heard the voice of her nightmares call out. She froze, her hands on her locker, and slowly turned around, where the blonde queen of bimbos stood before her.

Kelly Greenwood.

If Tartarus and Gaea had one kid, and that kid grew up in the Fields of Punishment, that kid would be terrified of Kelly. At least, that's how it was for Alana.

Kelly had enough social power that she could decide how good your social life would be...or how utterly terrible it could suck. Unfortunately, for Alana, Kelly did not like her...which meant the entire school and teenage population of this town did not like her. Now, if Alana could retaliate (and oh boy, how she wish she could) Kelly would have not one word to say to her. But since she can't... well, you'll see how this goes.

 "Who was that hot guy you were with?Another part of the pity party?" she taunted as she stood over Alana, wearing these ridiculous seven-inch hooker heels. Oh, the things Alana wished she could tell her. "Or is he a freak like you?" Alana narrowed her eyes to slits and took a deep breath. It was her last day and she had had it past her eyeballs with Kelly's bullshit.

She stormed off, John Green book in hand, to go to the library.

She really should've ditched today.

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