Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


3. 3.

*Everything except the messages will be in third person POV*


Alana bit her lip as she sent the last message and climbed out of her bed, blatantly traumatized at the scene before her.

Her best friend of a year now, Calum Thomas Hood, was now at Heathrow Airport, London.. waiting for her to come pick him up. If she was normal, she wouldn't have minded. But...normal was the exact opposite of what she was. As she grabbed her keys and phone off of the table, she couldn't help but think about his reaction when he found out.

'You freak!' he'd probably scream.

'You lied to me!' he'd most likely yell.

'Stay away from me!' he'd possibly say as he walked back to the front desk of the airport to order his ticket back home.

All of the possible scenarios made her eyes sting as the tears already started welling up. She took a deep breath and left her flat, climbing into her car and starting her way to the airport. 

No, she thought, Calum isn't like that. He'll stay.

But she thought her brother would stay and he didn't so... what was the point in being positive anymore? She tapped on the steering wheel of her car, to an imaginary beat that only she would ever know, and within twenty minutes, she was at the airport. 

She pulled out her phone and opened the messages.

Alana: I'm parked outside.

Calum: Okay, I'm coming through baggage claim now.. Be there in about five.

Alana: Calum...before you get here... There's something you should know about me.

Calum: Something that I don't already know?

Alana: Yeah... 

Calum: Alana, I'm your best friend. What could it possibly be?

Alana: I'm not who I say I am.

Calum: .... Wait.... You're not... You're not a dude, right?


That made Alana mentally laugh. All the things he could've thought of and that was the first thing to come to mind. Damn, this boy was something else. Then again, she wished it was that. Maybe they could've become best guy friends. 

Alana: No... Last time I checked, I had a vagina. But this isn't the time for jokes. I'm serious.

Calum: Alana, you're kinda scaring me.. What's wrong?


Alana took a deep breath. If she didn't tell him now, he'd find out on his own in a little bit. She looked up at the doors just time to see them open and to see the dark haired, pale boy walk outside, a  duffel bag in one hand, phone in the other as he looked up at the car. He started walking towards it but she sent the message, causing him to stop in his tracks and read it.

She could see the shock register in his features as he read what she just sent him.

Alana: Calum... I'm mute.

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