Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


16. 16.


Calum could barely sleep that Monday night. 

Not only had Alana ignored his messages, his calls and him in general, but she had missed Teen Wolf Monday. Calum was hurt but more than that, he was worried. What could cause Alana to miss this?


Alana woke up, the sun in her eyes already peeking through the curtains. It was so quiet and peaceful, it was almost as if she had not gotten the beating of a lifetime yesterday. She slowly sat up, wincing from the pain in her side. She swung her feet over the side of the bed, able to feel the cold through the onesie. She exited the room and ran a hand through her hair, trying to gather her bearings. 

Wait, is it..?

She had done it. She had completely unintentionally blown off Calum on a Teen Wolf Monday. Trying to remember where she last had her phone, she practically ran into the kitchen where her phone remained on top of the microwave. Typing in her phone password as quickly as her fingers would allow it, she stared with wide eyes at her notifications. Over 100 messages and 50 calls from just Calum. 

She scrolled through the messages and couldn't help but feel her heart warm at the concern in Calum's words and actions. He actually really cared about her. 

And I keep falling further into this hole that I call love.

She clicked on the messaging app to see how best she could do this.

Alana: ...Heyyyy

She waited and not even two seconds later, she got a reply.

Calum: Heyyyy?

Calum: You disappeared yesterday, leaving me alone not only on a Teen Wolf Monday but on the season finale Teen Wolf Monday

Calum: No messages, no calls, no responses to anything

Calum: And now, you message with a 'Heyyyy'

Calum: I should fly back to London to kill you

Reading his empty threats, Alana smiled. His words showed that he cared about her more than she thought he did. 

Alana: Sorry about that, I was just really tired after yesterday and I fell asleep. Pleaseeeee don't hate me and pleeaaassseeee forgive me.

Calum: I hate you so much right now

Alana: Nah, I know you loveeeee me

Calum: Ugh, you're right, I do. 


That made Alana tense up. Clearly he meant that in a joking manner, right? Or in a friendly way? Calum couldn't possibly love her the way that she thought she loved him. He had a girlfriend for crying out loud. Yeah, she was just overthinking it. 

Alana: Yeah, but I really am sorry.

Calum: Okay okay, I forgive you. Can't stay mad at my best friend for too long anyway.

Alana: Yaayyyyyyy

Calum: So what was it that made you so tired yesterday that you completely abandoned me?

Alana: Oh.. it was.. nothing.

Calum: Really? Nothing? I'm supposed to believe that?

Alana: I'm serious, it was nothing. Oh, I gotta go make groceries, I'll be back soon. Talk to you later, bye!


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