Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


14. 14.


Alana mentally sang Hallelujah by Panic! At The Disco as she stood in the snack aisle of the supermarket. As her eyes scanned over the full shelves, she pulled out her favorite foods and dropped them in the basket at her feet. It was Monday, Teen Wolf Monday. A day that was sacred with Calum for as long as they could remember.

They were both very into the show and usually messaged each other while watching it, sharing the other's heartache. But ever since he found out she was mute, they started to Skype while watching Teen Wolf and if Alana let her grip of reality slip enough, it seemed like she was in Australia in the same room with Calum, watching one of their favorite shows.

One day, I'll actually be in Australia. I'll be there with him. She thought.

Ever since Calum had gone home, Alana found herself thinking about him more and not in a friendly way. In an over-friendly way would be a better way to put it. She couldn't get him out of her head. The way his dark hair fell in front of his warm brown eyes. His raspy voice when she shook him awake. The way he made her flustered by just sitting there shirtless. She could feel herself falling, and she was falling fast.

The problem was that Calum still had a girlfriend. No matter what Alana's feelings were, she could not come between Calum and what was possibly Calum's happiness, even if it made her unhappy. Hell, she had even volunteered to help set up a date with her so Calum would be happy. She'd rather have him in her life as a friend than not have him at all.

Pushing the thoughts of Calum and a potential drama to the back of her mind, Alana decided to deal with the task at hand. Does she get Snickers or Twix?

After another half hour in the snack aisle, Alana went to the register and paid for her things. She walked out of the store, her car already in view when she was yanked backwards into the alley at the side of the store. 

"You didn't think you could get away forever, now did you?" the venomous voice of a whore spat at Alana.

Oh gods, not her again.

Alana had dropped the bags and turned to face Kelly in her face, prepared to tell her to take her overly high heels and shove it (or maybe, even prepared to do it for her) but she was in for a surprise. Kelly was not alone. Behind her, stood at least six more girls that were almost twice Alana's size. 

She kept her face blank but the gears in her mind were whirring. 

What are you playing at, Greenwood?

Kelly shoved Alana but she stood her ground. She didn't need Calum always at her side, she could deliver a kickass to Kelly with or without support. 

"Awwww, the Mutey's standing her ground," one of the girls taunted from behind Kelly.

"That little boyfriend of hers is giving her some confidence," another one sneered.

With narrowed eyes, Alana reached to pick up the bags and leave but found herself on the floor instead. Kelly had taken the moment of a lowered guard to shove Alana to the floor. The rest of the girls seemed to take this as a signal as they all gathered around Alana and as good as she may be, even Alana couldn't fight off seven girls at once. 

Multiple bruises, a stumbling to her car and a painful ride home later, Alana was in her kitchen coughing up blood into the sink. She limped to the fridge, got an ice pack and made her way to the couch painfully. Even though it hurt to move, it didn't hurt that drastically that she felt like something was broken. 

Okay, now for the true test.

The entire time, Alana avoided looking into any mirrors or reflective surfaces. Now, she was gonna look at herself in the bathroom mirror and do damage control. 

The person that she saw still resembled her (which was a very good thing) though there was a giant bruise already forming on her left cheek. Her arms were covered in red splotches and scratch marks (no doubt from Kelly's claws) while her right side had already started to turn purple from where one of the girls had kicked her. 

Ugh, she thought, These marks are gonna be a pain to cover up.

She stripped herself of clothes and took a long hot shower and as the hot water hit her skin, she could feel the pain receding. As quickly as she could, she went back to her room and changed into a fuzzy onesie before climbing into her bed and letting the darkness pull her under.

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