Muted Messages

All it took was one wrong number.


13. 13.

(4000 reads, goddammm y'all. Tysm bbys <3)


Calluummmmmm: ....

Calluummmmmm: I hope you're happy

Me: Sciles just had a fight in the rain, how can I be happy?

Calluummmmmm: Not about that. I rushed through my date with Alexia and now she's even more pissed at me

Calluummmmmm: Thanks


Me: I did not tell you to keep your phone on while on this date while Teen Wolf was going on.

Me: That's on you, pal

Calluummmmmm: ...

Calluummmmmm: ...

Calluummmmmm: ...

Me: Fine, if it means that much to you, I'll help you plan another, better date that'll make her love you again

Calluummmmmm: Yaasssss.. Tysm babe

Me: Save your bullshit

Me: But you are not missing another Monday because I swear I will castrate you


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