Bad Reputation || Louis Tomlinson AU

Bad Vibes Sequel || Cover by TRXYE ||
In which Lizi goes on a painstaking and long journey to discover her new and old self with the help of a stranger, Louis, that knows more about her than she ever will. || I felt so clueless that it made me feel like I was being held underwater, breathing normally and with every breath I took, water filled my lungs, making me confused as to whether or not I was dying. And Louis was the hand that pulled me out of the water, providing me with air and clarity, telling me I was okay and I was not alone.


3. 3

Living with Louis was easier than expected. I was expecting it to be awkward and that the air around us would be static from the tension.  I guess I also expected it to be like playing a game of cat and mouse, the memories and feelings being the cat and I, of course being the mouse. I was happily proven wrong when I discovered we were both at ease and no memories were waiting to pounce themselves at me when not expected. However, there were moments were we accidentally touched each others hands when reaching for the salt at the dinner table or when we passed each other in the hall and there was electricity between us. There was some sort of energy between us, but it was nearly impossible to identify it.

Four days in and I’ve already fully settled down, all my belongings and decorations and plates and eating utensils have been brought over. Whenever Louis had to make a quick run to the store I would subtly place some vases and other decorations around the house, giving the apartment a womanly touch. Louis, of course, noticed them all but he never said anything negative, and he actually liked some of them. I also placed some of my pictures around the rooms, especially my bedroom. Surprisingly, it was Louis’ idea to do it, as he thought the pictures might stimulate my brain to remember my childhood again and it actually worked. Over the short amount of time, I have had flashbacks of when I was a child, playing with my father and mother. There was a boy there as well, and I guessed he was my brother but I had no pictures of him, so my brain filed him as ‘old family friend.’

With the help of Louis and his connections I have put my penthouse fully furnished up on the market and with a professional opinion, it’s up for three quarters of a million dollars. I wasn’t surprised, it was in the heart of Manhattan and had two floors and had two bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as lots of space in general. It felt great, moving in with Louis and selling the penthouse. It felt like a new start and I loved it. 

Also with the help of Louis and even more of his connections, I was able to re-enroll in NYU for the new semester. It wasn’t hard, as I was already a student there but as I was in a coma for finals and the end of the year, we had to go through a bit of paper work.

Our life together was extremely domestic, even if we weren’t a couple. We also held hands a lot.  It wasn’t a thing that we noticed, it just happened. Like when we were in the supermarket and it was just for milk, we found ourselves holding hands as we walked down the aisles and he always opened doors for me and pulled out my chair when we ate out. Or when one of us woke up before the other one, we cooked breakfast so it was all ready when the other one woke up. Even though we’ve only lived together for almost two weeks, we knew each other’s take out preferences and what we liked in the morning or what we liked to order when we go to certain restaurants. We might as well have been dating.

“Hey Grant.” Cole Sprouse greeted me as I approached him and his twin, Dylan, at the location we agreed to meet up, the Manhattan Arch. It became a regular spot for us to meet so whenever we made plans to meet up, we didn’t need to discuss a location.

“Hey Sprouts.” I teased them and they both glared at me, making me laugh out loud. “You guys are so easy to piss off.” I stated as they both gave me hugs.

“Shut up.” Dylan mumbled and I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Hey y’all!” I heard a familiar voice greet us loudly behind me and I turned around to be met with the sight of Tyler Oakley walking hand-in-hand with his long time boyfriend Troye Sivan. I cooed at the sight of them, making Troye blush as he leaned in to hug me.

“Hey cuties.” I greeted them once the hugging was over.

“This is how we feel when you’re with Louis.” Tyler stated, trying to turn the attention away from him and his boyfriend, but it only caused me to roll my eyes.

“The only difference is that we’re not dating.” I countered and Dylan laughed.


“Oh my God! We’re not!” I cried before stomping off to class.


The day went smoothly and I was exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep. However, my mind had different plans for me because as soon as I felt asleep, I was plunged into a nightmare.

As I stepped into the penthouse I noticed it was too quite. Eerily quite. Stepping into the messy living space, I put the spare key on the drawer next to the door; my actions and footsteps were way to loud. It was Sunday; she was supposed to be home. I didn’t take anything off, incase there was someone here and I needed to bolt. I spotted my phone and wallet on the drawer and shoved them into my pockets, just in case.

“Kara?” I called out, my voice echoing off of the walls, and the quiet that followed sent electric shivers down my spine. Something was wrong. I stepped further into the penthouse, my footsteps loud and slow.

“Kara?” I called again, but quieter this time, the thought of disturbing the peace made me uncomfortable. Not liking the thought of being alone, I bolted upstairs, taking two stairs at a time.

After searching all of upstairs, I flew down the stairs, nearly tripping over my own feet. As I neared the kitchen, I felt a vibe, a very dangerous one. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I picked up a empty vase, in case I had to defend myself. As I stepped into the kitchen, the sight hauled me into such a shock that my whole body was electrocuted with numbness, the vase slipping through my fingers and crashing onto the floor. A scream was climbing up its way my throat, but the lump in it acted like roadblock, only letting bile through. I felt like I wanted to throw up yet I couldn’t move as I was rooted into my spot with shock and numbness. I couldn’t help but stare at Kara’s body as it lay in a pool of its own blood, the crimson red staining her ivory skin, creating patches of red everywhere. A knife was buried in her spine, her flawless skin bearing multiple slashes, however, her throat took the worst slash, as it was so deep it nearly cut her head off, causing her head to bend at an awkward angle. Her eyes were still open, frozen in panic, lips parted as if she wanted to scream, but she couldn’t.

Numbly, I dragged my body over to hers, dropping to my knees, landing in the blood, the last thing that I thought about were the stains that would be left over on my knees. With a trembling hand, I reached over and closed her eyes, my fingers trailing over her tear stained cheeks. I studied her face, now peaceful as her eyes were closed. I hiccupped, the scream and cry both stuck in my throat, closing off my airway.

But then Kara opened her eyes and her bloodied hand was reached over, grasping my bicep in a vice-like grip.

“Lizi.” She moaned and I screamed, trying to shake her off but that only caused her to start shaking me.

“Stop!” I screamed as her shaking became faster and faster.

“Lizi!” She kept yelling over and over again as her dead eyes stared at me, which caused me to scream louder and cry harder.

Then I opened my eyes and was met by Louis standing over me, his eye brows furrowed and his hands on my shoulder. I hiccupped, tears flowing down my cheeks and my throat sore.

“Louis?” I croaked out and he got on my bed with me, cradling me closer to him.

“What happened?” Louis murmured into my hair and pressed a kiss into my scalp. I shook my head, closing my eyes and tried to erase the image of Kara’s dead body from my mind.

“It was horrible.” I choked out through warm and thick tears.

“It’s okay, it was just a nightmare.” Louis kept murmuring as he rubbed my back and as I cried into his chest. He kept doing the comforting motion until I was lulled into a dreamless sleep.


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