Falling for the bad boy

You love him the school bad boy but you got told to say clear of him but how can you when your so addicted to him.


1. The moment I knew I liked him more than I thought

Zoe's pov:

I was walking to class when I saw him the bad boy Calum with his friends Luke, Michael and Ashton. I couldn't help staring at Calum as I was walking down the hall way and because I wasn't paying attention I walked straight into a locker door "agh shit" I shouted. Suddenly I felt a hand attach to mine pulling me up I looked up and there stood Calum my bad boy crush who also happened to be in a band

"You alright Zoe?" Calum questioned as I stood there stating into his brown dreamy eyes

"Oh yeah I'm fine thanks."

"I saw you looking at me before you walked into the locker... You like me don't you Zoe?" He said with a smirk

"No!!" Then without warning he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him and his lips crashed into mine but it only lasted a few seconds then he moved away and whispered into my ear "I know you want me."then as he walked away he winked at me making me blush.

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